10 Easy Ways to Fundraise for Your Student Organization


If you are a part of a student organization, it is a good opportunity to expand your contacts, exchange experience with other students, make many good friends, have a lot of fun and useful things together.

But usually, most student units face the problem of money deficiency for many different activities they could probably set up on their campuses.

We have brainstormed and prepared you a list of 10 easy ways to raise money for your student grouping.


Bake sale

What are the easy ways to fundraise except essay writing site here or tutoring?

You are right! It is to sell something.

Each university, school or college have their traditional holidays when you can organize good fundraising events, like a bake sale.

Even if there is no special occasion to set up it, organize a bake sale at the end of the week to celebrate the upcoming weekends.

Bake sales always sound like fun. All you need is a group of skilled students who are good at the bakery to bake some cakes and cookies and then sale it according to considered prices.

The organization of a bake sale does not take too much time, but the emotions and memories will last forever.

Market your skills and talents

You are a member of the university group that consists of skilled and gifted people.

Everyone is able to do something special or is good at something exceptional. Why don’t you market your talents and fundraise your student organization at the same time?

Think of some creative ideas how to do this, for example, an announcement at the school website or something like that and brings profit to an organization.


Garage sale on a campus

Here is another idea: if you are chewing on students fundraising and what to sale.

Each of the students has books they need no more or clothes they would like to get rid of.

Why don’t you set up a garage sale on a campus where everyone could bring something they do not need or something they can be useful to someone else?


Movie night

It is not obvious to work in order to make money. Pleasure and joy can also bring some benefit. A movie night is a good occasion to earn more. All you need is to find a cozy place, big screen, comfortable chairs and an interesting movie. Set a price for the tickets and welcome your fundraisers, friends in a relaxing atmosphere of a movie night.

Set a play or a concert

We have already mentioned that members of student groupings are always gifted and skilled. Why don’t you set play or a thematic concert? It isn’t easy task, but the process of preparing something together is very funny and teambuilding, that you will never ever regret this.


A raffle is a competition in which you buy tickets with numbers on them.

You can dedicate this kind of activity to any holidays in your school, but the best occasion to do this is the University’s Day or a Faculty Day.

You can raffle some extra points for any subject, or ‘no-homework day’ and many other fun things.


Talent show

The talent show is something between marketing the skills and setting up a concert together. Talent show can be an organized concert, where your friends and colleagues will come to see you and your talent.



Recycling is very popular among not only students but also youth organizations. There is a great benefit for our environment because you help to filter everything that prevents from wellness, but also there is a benefit to your organization as you will get the agreed money.


Debate clubs

Debate clubs is an amazing chance to find and make friends according to interests you share.

Organize a debate club once or twice a week in some cozy office and think of interesting topics that may attract other people.


Car wash

Another cliche yet effective way to raise money is washing cars.

Offer your service to some local authorities and bring a benefit to your group.

This is definitely effective during dry season in Malaysia. No point washing any cars during monsoon seasons.


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Author: Lisa Griffin

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