13 Tricks To Keep You From Sleeping In Class


No student is as unlucky as the ones in a three-hour lecture. It’s physically impossible to listen to every word spoken out of the professor’s mouth for 180 minutes as if they’re giving the directions to the La La Land. I can’t imagine how the teacher feels either…

Dr. Gregory Peek, Penn State history professor, said he prefers the three-hour block to a large 150 student lecture class. “It is not optimal,” he said. “But at least, the three-hour block classes are limited to 30 students.” Peek said he likes to divide up the lectures with short breaks and think of it as three one-hour classes.

“I can notice definitely by the third-hour students are often tapped out and mentally spent,” Peek said. “For the third hour, I try to include other methods of instruction like class discussion, movies, music, etc. to break up the monotony.  To be honest, as an instructor, I am also fatigued by hour three.”


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He rarely lets students out early but hopes they are more motivated to learn since they knew what they were getting themselves into when they added the class.

Junior at the University of Pittsburgh, Dayna Rose, said she could only stay awake in three-hour classes that she likes. “In my anatomy lab we are dissecting human cadavers [and] that’s really exciting for me,” Rose said. “So even if I haven’t slept, I’m able to stay awake and focus.”

Her other three-hour long class is a lecture–and staying awake proves much more difficult when she’s not slicing someone’s dead body open. “Sometimes I have to take coffee breaks or bathroom breaks just to keep my eyes open,” Rose said. “For the most part, I have to struggle to continue taking notes after the first hour.”

Jordan Gaines Lewis, final-year Ph.D. student studying sleep at the Penn State College of Medicine, shares some tips on how to stay focused during long lecture hours. The first step is to get enough sleep, but for college students that’s like telling Chris Pratt to get handsomer–AKA an impossible task. “Go to bed earlier, or take a mid-day nap, if you can,” Lewis said. “Soak up the sunlight on your walk to class, it’ll tell your body it’s time to wake up.”

Lewis also suggests keeping a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up around the same time every day. “If you have trouble sleeping at night make sure you limit your artificial light exposure at night, especially blue lights from laptops and smartphones,” Lewis said. “Don’t study in bed, it’ll make you associate your bed with stress, making it much more difficult to fall asleep.” Regular exercise and healthy eating will also help you feel energized to listen to that “La La Land” lecture ahead.


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Fortunately, we have 13 very easy tips to keep you concentrated. While several of these are classroom-specific, you can likewise use these tips when you’re off in the operating globe!


  1. Shower before class or work. Have an early 8 a.m. class? Jump from bed in the early morning as well as head directly for the shower. It’ll wake you right up! Plus, your schoolmates will most likely thanks.
  2. Drink a cup of water full of ice. Staying hydrated is a crucial aspect in staying awake. Try placing ice in your water container; the cool water will maintain you lively as well as alert.
  3. Eat a snack. Bring an apple to class! The all-natural sugar and also the problem of an apple will assist lower the exhaustion.
  4. Cold degree temperature. If it’s warm and comfortable in your classroom, you’re most likely to sleep. So remove your jacket or open up a window to catch the great wind.
  5. Chewing gum. Chewing gum is a recurring act that maintains the blood moving and also takes your mind off the tiredness.
  6. Conserve the daydreaming after class. Daydreaming is a one-way track to dropping off to sleep! Working your mind is one method of focusing. Whether it’s by hand or on a laptop, taking down notes will help to maintain your body energetic and your mind concentrated on the lecture.
  7. Bowel movement. Walk off the sleepiness by taking a trip to the bathroom. The procedure of walking will obtain the blood distributing again. And also remember to take a stretch break while you remain in the hallway.
  8. Stay up and also concentrate on your posture. Roll your shoulders back and also remember not to slouch. Slumping over could create needless stress on your muscle mass and cause fatigue.
  9. Pull on your earlobes. Yes, it appears odd, but it functions! Due to acupoints on your ears, this is a guaranteed way to obtain the mind going.
  10. Stay connecweb to your teacher. Ask inquiries! Pay attention to the lecture and also proactively think about hard questions to elevate. This will certainly force you to concentrate on exactly what the professor has to say.
  11. Bring eyedrops. It’s difficult to remain dewy-eyed as well as awake when your eyes are dry and irritated from absence of sleep. When they’re really feeling dry, splash a couple goes down in them. You’ll feel more refreshed and also your eyes will certainly be thankful.
  12. Sit in the front row, or at the very least in the mid! The closer you are to the professor, the less most likely you are to go to sleep due to volume. In addition to the anxiety of obtaining caught falling asleep will keep you vast awake!
  13. Don’t browse the internet. Facebook could maintain you awake, however you will not be focusing on the class. You might as well be asleep!

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