4 Ways To Deal With Hard Times


Today, I’m going to talk about hard times.

And more specifically, 4 extremely effective ways to deal with them, and to overcome failure.

Because here’s the deal:

Life is tough. No matter who you are and what you do, at some point, you WILL get knocked down.

But part of what makes us human is the ability to get back up and push through.

However, how do you do that? How do you actually overcome failure, and get back on your feet?

Here are 4 tips you can start using right away:


Tip 1: Embrace mastery

When you see every area of your life as a skill, you quickly realize failure is part of the process.

You wouldn’t give a long, boring encyclopedia to a child who just started reading a few days ago, right?

Well, then you would probably benefit from using the same approach in your own life.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with outsized expectations, focus on the process of improving.

Start with small challenges, and work your way up while constantly getting better.

Because when you do that, failure becomes a way to learn, rather than a terrible thing you need to avoid at all cost.

And that’s how you overcome it.


businesspeople interacting during coffee break at business conference

Networking with mentors

Tip 2: Find people who’ve “Made It”

One of the biggest problems we as humans have to deal with is our lack of belief.

Lack of belief is what prevents a lot of people from getting started, AND from pushing through after a challenge.

The solution is simple: Find people, ideally as close to you as possible, who have gotten the result you’re after. Talk to them, or, if you can’t, read their biographies, and realize that if they did it, so can you!

This will help put your failures in perspective, and be more persistent.



Tip 3: Hang out with supportive people

Again, as humans, we are social creatures. And we’re heavily influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.

As a result of that, if you find yourself wanting to give up, you may simply need to change your friends. Or at least, find some new friends who believe in YOU.

Success doesn’t happen on your own.

We all have this image of the lonely, successful guy who’s 100% free from society’s pressures, but this is rarely the case.

Successful people know they need support, and when the hard times come, they know they have a lot of friends they can count on to help them push through it.

Do you?


see things as they are

Tip 4: See things as they are

Our brain is a meaning-generating machine.

Every time something happens to us, we automatically attach a meaning to that event based on our beliefs and past experiences.

However, when you realize this is an automatic process you can actually influence, you can decide to influence it.

Realize that failure is not good or bad: it simply IS. 

And then, attach your OWN meaning to that failure, for example, that it’s a learning experience that’ll allow you to grow and improve yourself.

Or that “the hard is what makes it great “.

The specifics are not important here: what matters is simply re-framing the situation, and turning the negatives into something positive.

These were my top 4 tips to deal with failure and hard times.

If you’re struggling right now, remember: it’s a part of the process. And use these 4 tips to get back up, and improve next time.

If you enjoyed this post, leave a comment below and let me know which technique you’re going to start applying today to commit to it.

I read every comment.



Written by Vincent Lee. Vincent is a marketing intern for MalaysianStudent.com. He is a college student pursuing his B.A. degree in Marketing and Journalism.

Author: Editor

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