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Really a surprise & happy when I received an invitation in my inbox to attend the launching of the 1st ever Singapore Film Festival on 14 Jan 2016, 7 pm at GSC Pavilion, KL Malaysia. This is in celebrating the 50 years of Singapore-Malaysia friendship ?
I start my art blogging with my intention to share my art passion journey. However, am surprise that my art blogging actually got noticed & now start to receive event invitation. To me, it is recognition to my art blogging, thank you ?
During the event registration, I was informed by the organizer team that I am part of the media team for this event.
Wow! It was my 1st time attended an event as a media person, and it’s all because of my art blogging ✍



SiennyLovesDrawing 1st invitation as a media team
There are 7 short film stories in the ~ 7 Letters ~ movie. I enjoyed all of them very much.
I was very touched by the last film stories named ~ GPS ~. It means Grandma Positioning System, yes, not our well known Global Positioning System. I’m truly impressed with the deep love between the old couples (grandpa & grandma), and the obedient/ filial piety between children to parents as well as grandchildren to grandparents being filmed in this movie.

The deep love between the old couples ~ grandpa & grandma

Grandma remembered every single change with the exact position changes in Singapore & then slowly explaining in a long detailed conversation in front of her late husband grave every year she visited him during the Qing Ming festival. This has demonstrated how deep love from the grandma to his late husband.


Movie scene1

How many married couples nowadays are in deep love? In contrast, we easily heard divorces…betrayals to marriage…
Read on http://malaysianstudent.com/love-mr-right-life-partner-marriage/


Love in Mandarin/ Chinese is . The traditional Chinese character for love (as refer to my detailed ink drawing below) consists of a heart (,middle) inside of accept, feel or perceive () which shows a graceful emotion. It can also be interpreted as a hand offering one’s heart to another hand. Don’t you think isn’t it amazing?


Personally, I like how the traditional Chinese character in explaining the meaning of a word ?


SiennyLovesDrawing handrawn Love_ chinese character     SiennyLovesDrawing handrawn grandma&grandpa in one of the movie scene

The obedient/ filial piety between children to parents & grandchildren to grandparents


Every year, the son & daughter in law drove the grandma with their children from Singapore back to Johor Bahru for Qing Ming festival. At 1st, this young family wasn’t sincere in their visit. They complained that the grandma being too long winded in her “detailed positioning system conversation” to the late grandpa and caused a delay in car journey back to Singapore for the business meeting with a client (son), friends catch up session (granddaughter), weekend swimming class (grandson), and etc.



[“Detailed positioning system conversation” here means the extraterrestrial conversation between the living and the death. For those who are not familiar with the Chinese ancestor worshiping religion, you can read more about it here.]



Only the grandson will accompany grandma in her long winded detailed GPS conversation to his late grandpa every year during the Qing Ming festival (清明节).



Movie scene2   Movie scene3


At the end, the son & daughter in law realized their disrespectful behavior towards their late parents (grandma passed away a year later) & with their children together to continue the grandma style of long winded detailed positioning system conversation in front of the grave during the Qing Ming festival ?☺️



Filial piety in Mandarin/ Chinese is . In Confucian philosophy, is a virtue of respect for one’s father, elders, and ancestors. Again, I am very impressed with how the Chinese character in explaining the meaning of a word ?


SiennyLovesDrawing handrawn Obedient_ chinese character


How often you spend time with your parents or grandparents?


If your answer is not much time, I would encourage you to plan some time for your parents or grandparents before it is too late. It’s not difficult, regardless whether you are staying or not staying together with your parents or grandparents.
Some tips to share, you can get up early in the morning or get home early from school/ work to enjoy a meal with your parents or grandparents. Or you can bring your parents or grandparents for  a dim sum breakfast in the weekend morning. Or even to enjoy a short chit chat with your parents or grandparents every night before you get to bed etc. Simple right?
I enjoyed the official trailer MV of this short film by the singer, Serene Kong via link:



In conclusion, ~GPS~ nicely filmed the love 爱 & filial piety 孝.
I actually wept while I was enjoyed the storyline of this meaningful short film ?


Life is short, let us remind ourselves to always show our love to our parents, grandparents, siblings, loved ones, family members, relatives, and friends in appreciating their accompany, support & time spending with us in our life ?
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