7 Steps to Developing Habits That Will Change Your Life

Developing good habits requires discipline and consistency.

Habits are a set of attitudes formed over time. They are conscious efforts to do or avoid something up until they become a natural act. Allowing yourself to develop good habits is a key to success.

For instance, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a habit of buying the same set of clothes to wear each day so he won’t have to waste time choosing what to wear and spend a lot of money on expensive clothes.

The same thing is true with billionaire Warren Buffet. He has a habit of spending the same exact amount on meals each day. It allows him to stop spending more than what he should. He also has the habit of accounting his personal expenses down to the last cent. This habit propelled him to success.

You may also form good habits of your own to achieve success in life. Who knows? You might follow the footsteps of these billionaires because you were consistent in practicing good habits. Here are some useful tips to consider in developing good habits.


Create a realistic plan

Outline the good and bad habits you already have. Create a plan to ensure that your bad habits are eliminated while your good habits are continued, or even made better. The key is to be realistic with your plans. Don’t include a goal that is obviously unachievable.

For instance, you might promise not to buy new clothes for a year. Although the intention is good, it is obviously unattainable. Clothing is a basic necessity. Cutting clothing expenses is fine, but stopping yourself from buying clothes altogether is unattainable.

As long as you can commit to a plan and you give yourself a clear timeline, it is perfectly fine.

Ask everyone around you to be supportive

It is extremely important that you seek for help from your family and friends. Changing habits on your own might be difficult without the encouragement from people you love. For instance, if you are trying to let go of cigarettes, you definitely need someone to keep reminding you about your goal.

Take note that even if you try hard to let go of the vice, there are instances when you are easily tempted to reverse course. If someone is by your side reminding you why you have to let go of the bad habit, you will be more motivated.


Don’t pressure yourself

It is great to have a set of plans to develop good habits, but don’t drown in these changes. You might end up putting too much pressure on yourself that you can no longer follow through. Take one goal at a time. If you have achieved something good, give yourself a pat on the back.

Take note that those who were carried away by pressure ended up not achieving their goals at all. Just allow things to change naturally and before you know it, you have already achieved something from your plan.

Find out what can hinder your success

It is very important to identify what could impede your success. It might be an enemy who keeps pulling you down. It could be a restaurant serving food you just can’t resist. The first step is to recognize what or who can prevent you from achieving success.

Once you have determined the hindrance, it is easier to change for the better. Don’t be afraid to face these obstacles and ultimately kick them out of your system.

Reward yourself for a job well done

Perhaps, this is the most effective strategy of all. If you have achieved something great, give yourself a reward. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. For instance, if you have developed a positive habit, treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream.

If you have achieved something big like letting go of your alcohol addiction, make that planned vacation a reality. There should be another motivation alongside your goal to let go of a bad habit so you will keep pushing forward. Again, the reward doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It is more of a gesture to congratulate yourself for doing something good.

Changing for the better is important whether you are a student or an employee. These changes are gradual. Don’t expect to develop good habits overnight. The point is to just keep doing the right thing up until it becomes a natural act.

The infographic below gives more advice on how to develop good habits. Start practicing these tips and you will soon find a better version of yourself.

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits (SBO)

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