8 Simple Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle by Fixing Our Malaysian Eating Habits



MALAYSIA is a country of foodies where we ask friends “Have you eaten?” as a form of greeting and often plan trips not based on places we want to see, but places where we want to eat.

Moreover, not all who eat their meals at home have prepared their foods themselves. Based on the statistics, there are still 12.5% (approximately 3,715,000 individuals) of Malaysian population who eat at home with outside food at least once a day.

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According to the Food Barometer, many of us have very poor eating habits.



Of the different ethnic groups surveyed, Indians displayed the highest average body mass index at 24.68, followed by Malays with 23.9, non-Malay bumiputras with 23.2 and the Chinese with 22.87.

“However, we must be careful with this information so as to not stigmatize people. We must declare war against obesity, not against obese people,” said Professor Dr Jean- Pierre Poulain to The Star. “The traditional view on obesity is that it is caused by fast food and people going to restaurants but it is more complex than that. When we crossed the data on obesity with eating out, we found that obese men eat out more but obese women actually eat more at home.” – The Star Online

They do not get the nutrition they need causing some of them to be underweight, while others to be overweight. One of the reasons why this happens is because many of these students are on a tight budget and they see that going healthy also means spending more. They rely on junk foods believing they are more affordable and easily available.

If you are one of these students, know that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean spending on expensive foods. We have compiled 8 of the most effective and convenient ways on how to stick to a healthy diet while ensuring everything is within budget.

Preparing healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult as proven by this awesome infographic. It also doesn’t have to break the bank so there is no need to keep on feeding your body with junk.




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