An Exclusive Interview with Ms. Pak Mei Yoke – CEO of Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi

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Today, we are very fortunate to feature Ms. Pak Mei Yoke, the CEO of Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi.




Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi (PTK), a member of MAA Group, is one of the longest established educational institution offering tuition for students in Malaysia. Since 1983, PTK has helped more than 150,000 students realize their full potential and achieve excellent results in their examinations. PTK teachers are fully qualified and have more than 20 years of experience in providing targeted lessons. Located in 9 strategic locations within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, students can look forward to a safe and stimulating learning environment.



They aim to provide an affordable high-quality tuition service to help our students achieve the best grades and in turn make a positive impact in the society. In keeping with this objective, we strive to keep our fees as low as possible. We provide focused learning in primary, secondary education i.e. Standard 5 – 6, Form 1 – Form 6, and IGCSE.

Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi is more than just a tuition center. The center also provides Development Programmes to nurture and develop students’ IQ and EQ. We collaborate with leading institutions of higher learning to provide skill-based learning and personal development programs.

According to Ms. Pak, when asked about the current challenge of the current Malaysian educational system, many public schools are failing not only because of the low quality of teachers but also the low average ratio of teacher to students. It is hard for the teachers to spend quality time with each student when you have more than 30 – 40 students in a classroom. Most of the teachers in the government schools are also there with the “makan gaji je” attitude rather than the passion to education the next generation.

This attitude definitely doesn’t help in educating and inspiring their students in class. The constant switch for the use of language on Science & Mathematics subjects between Bahasa Melayu and English also impedes the effectiveness of the teachers to keep up with the pace to teach their students the right language to prepare them for the official SPM examination. She also added that some of the schools have no choice to teach only in BM because their teachers and students cannot cope with teaching and learning in English.

In Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi, Ms. Pak is currently leading its faculty to go extra miles to make sure that student will only get a higher standard of teaching quality. She also emphasized, “Our teachers take a personal interest in students’ learning in the classroom, and use technology to facilitate their classroom presentations. i.e., Power Point presentation, LCD projectors, etc.”




“In order to meet the needs of the millennial students, we are looking to provide cutting-edge technology, interactive web services, and an infrastructure for virtual communities by partnering with various local private universities. In the future, Kasturi students are not just here for tuition classes after school. Kasturi is ready to provide a full-fledged tuition support that will prepare students for the IGCSE – O Level examinations.”

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“With this implementation, Kasturi will become a great alternative for Malaysian students in the Klang valley area who demands a higher quality of education but couldn’t afford the pricey tuition fee at private schools.

Kasturi students will be able to use state-of-the-art classroom equipment, laboratory, and teaching materials in the partnership university campus.

In addition to that, they will also be among the first secondary students in the whole nation to mingle among the college or universities students. The interactions between high-schoolers and university students will increase the maturity of the former, especially those who are serious about advancing their education career.”


On top of that, Kasturi will also be a great option for parents who prefer to send their kids to study in a private institution that is non-religious, an environment that induces mingling and racial integration.

After talking about the projection of Kasturi’s vision in Malaysia future education, Ms. Pak also pointed out some very unhealthy culture among student that needed to be addressed. “Although we need to enforce the implementation of technology in class, the technology could also be a huge distraction to students.”

According to  a study published by Microthink Institute earlier this year, 56.8% of the Malaysian students spend more than 3 hours a day of their time in class and at home doing things on their devices that have nothing to do with their school work.


“Another frustrating factor that affects student academic performance a lot is the “reversed peer pressure” among the students. Instead of having the ‘kiasu‘ peer pressure to do well, many Malaysian students face the pressure to not do well in their schoolwork.

Those who finish their homework on time are often being ridiculed and bullied by their friends. They are often being called being a ‘nerd’, a ‘geek’, or a ‘bookworm’ by their friends.”

No matter what is your race, sex, or your hometown, the most important education always comes from home. Ms. Pak mentioned that many competitive parents often impose an unrealistic challenge on their children.

Especially with the current Straight A culture we have in Malaysia, many parents who didn’t do well academically in their younger years on their own unfulfilled goals and desires for their kids to shoulder.

“Many parents have a traditional mindset that the only way their kids can be successful is to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, or a dentist. They forget that every student has his or her own unique set of talent.”




She added, “Rather than just demanding their kids to get straight A’s, it is better for parents to provide their kids the opportunity to cultivate skills and experiences to optimize their natural talents. Parents should spend more time with their kids after work in order to identify their natural talents. It is not fair for the kids to suffer just because their parents want the kids to make them proud by becoming a Straight A student. Getting A’s in the conventional examination and going to college is not the only route to success.”

“While it is important to always do your best in your SPM, it is not the end of the world if you do not get the results you are expected to get,” Ms. Pak continues, “There are so many other options out there for those who are not so academically talented. Many top Malaysian achievers out there didn’t allow their weak SPM results to impede their desire to succeed in their professional careers.

“Moreover, many top scholars are not able to perform up to the employers standard despite of their college/university degree,” Ms. Pak recalled from her experience working as a COO in a fraud preventing printing company. “Due to the heavy emphasis on theoretical knowledge in the Malaysian education system, many of our fresh graduates lack communication skills and proper work ethics. We have to teach our kids how to communicate effectively both in professional speaking and writing skills.”

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“In order to help the current SPM 2016 students to finish strong in the next 6 – 7 weeks, we are providing Affordable SPM Seminars now. I know many students come with the expectation of taking advantage of the forecast SPM questions, I still encourage all students to cover all of the syllabi comprehensively rather than just taking the shortcut.”




In order to help more Malaysian students to have a better parental home education, Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi is launching a new event – The Conference that is happening on October 8, 2016 (Saturday) from 9am – 5pm at HELP University, ELM Business School, Level 5.

The purpose of this conference to enhance the parents’ ability to educate their younger generation the right way.

Below are the detailed information available about The Conference:










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