Become Less Reactive and More Responsive Will Make You A Happier Person


In school and in life, we have essentially two psychological modes that we are in most of the time: reactive and responsive. The reactive mode is the one that feels stressful. In it, we feel pressured and are quick to judge. We lose perspective and take things personally. We’re annoyed, bothered, and frustrated.

Needless to say, our judgement and decision-making capacity is severly imparied when we are in a reactive state of mind. We make quick decisions that we often regret. We annoy other people and tend to bring outthe worst in them. When an opportunity knocks, we are usually overly critical and negative.

The responsive mode, on the other hand, is our most relaxed state of mind. Being responsive suggests that we have our bearings. We see the bigger picture and take things less personally. rather than being rigid and stubborn, we are flexible and calm. In the responsive mode, we are at our best. We bring out the best in others and solve problem gracefully. When an opportunity comes our way, our mind is open. We are receptive to abundance.

Once you are aware of these two drastically different modes of being, you will begin to notice which one you are in. You’ll also notice the predictability of your behavior and feelings when you are in each mode. You’ll observe yourself being irrational and negative in your reactive mode and calm and wise in your responsive state of mind.

Simply becoming aware of the different dynamics of your mind will open the door to tremendous changes in your life. You’ll begin to notice when you fall into a reactivestate of mind. You’ll fell your own impatience. When this happens, simply say to yourself, “Whoop, there I go again”or something to this effect . Any type of simple acknowledgement will do the trick. You’ll discover, as you notice and acknowledge your own reactivity, coupled with your understanding that, in all cases, it pays to be more responsive, you’ll quickly come out of a reactive mode and fall into a more responsive state of mind.

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A responsive state of mind is fertile ground for success. When your mind is clear and relaxed, you pave an open channel for abundance and joy. There is a direct and clear relationship between how much time you spend in a responsive state of mind and your own level of success. The more you are able to stay out of reactivity, he more opportunities will present themselves. Beginning right now, use the power of responsiveness to create your own success.

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