Blessings, A Malaysian Story

 Everyone of us, are often too busy chasing our wealth and dreams and forget the little blessings around us; the blessings that others give us, or the blessings that we give to others. In essence, life is the blessing itself. If we focus on being a blessing, we will find that we are always blessed in abundance.

It has already been a little bit more than a week after the Chinese New Year celebration on February 17.

For those who are still traveling back from visiting your family members, make sure that you are safe out there on your travels. Of the many reflections we have, blessings and reconciliations are few of the strongest notions.

Let’s us feel ourselves with the meanings of Chinese New Year!


Follow Mary Anne as she shares her story and finds it in her heart to see the blessing in everything this Chinese New Year.

Let’s appreciate what we have and keep flying high. Thank you Malaysian Airline as well as the producers (Linus Chung & Mohd Hisham Saleh) of this meaningful video.

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