How to Build The Perfect MBA Resume?


Thinking of pursuing your education abroad?

Well, you are not alone. 🙂

Last year 56,000+ Malaysian students went for their education abroad, with top destinations including the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Egypt.

Of these students, people going to pursue business studies form a significant share.

With several Malaysian Students now considering MBA abroad as an important next step towards career progression, competition for top MBA programs across the world is tougher than ever.



The rise in MBA awareness among Malaysians is spiked by the rise of several Entrepreneurs who themselves are either alum of top Universities or have experience working in the Silicon Valley. Malaysia Based Entrepreneurs have all mentioned how 2015 has marked the “golden time” for Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Culture in Malaysia.

Even though Malaysia has its share of good MBA programs such as Monash, but the trend is shifting slowly towards a more Global and Enriching MBA Experience, as that offered by top MBA schools in the US and the EU.

In this competitive era, it is really easy to get overshadowed by your peers while applying for top MBA Programmes.

Thus it is important to be able to stand out from the crowd and one of the best way to ensure that is by making a RESUME that catches attentions of ad-coms.



That 1 PAGE DOCUMENT where one lists all their life achievements and qualifications?

Well, YES!

You heard it right.

The RESUME is the “dark-horse” of an MBA Application as it gives the ad-com members that all important “first impression” regarding your candidature!

And with the average time spent on Resumes being around 60 seconds, you have to make sure your resume is able to impress the ad-coms in that very short span of time.

Hence your Resume should not only stand out based on the content (all though the content is very important) but also should account for factors such as Presentation and Documentation.

Ad-coms world over has mentioned repeatedly how they favor a well-documented, simple, professional and to the point Resume over a chaotic, jumbled up one, albeit with fantastic achievements.

Thereby, from font-size to font-family, from bullets and headers to spacing, everything plays a part in improving your RESUME score overall. 

Want to know more in details about how to make a “perfect-MBA Resume”?

Check out the infographic below to understand what exactly goes into making an MBA resume that stands out.



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