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(Edited 9 September, 2016) 

Since last week, one of my American friends who is a “god-like” anime superfan has been talking about catching Pokémons in the real life. For a while, I thought it was just one of her fantasy moments where she was saying it just for shitz and giggles.

Only until yesterday, after my friend has repeated about catching pokémons for the N-th time, only I started showing curiosity on what she meant by that. She said, “Literally, Pokémons exist in the real world now. And you can catch them with Pokémon Go.” Still disbelieving that my primary school childhood dream is actually becoming a reality, I googled “Pokémon Go”.



After a few strokes on my iPhone, I found out that Pokémon Go is a smartphone game app developed by Niantic for both Android phones and iOS Apple phones. This is not just a regular game app; it is an augmented reality mobile game that combines the technology of GPS mapping system, spontaneous graphic editing, and a lot of user-generated data pool provided by another game called Ingress. Ingress is another Niantic developed augmented reality mobile game that has been played by millions of people in more than 200 countries since its first beta version on November 15, 2012.

For those who are interested (I am talking to those of you who are studying computer science/computer engineering), here’s a great article explaining the story behind Pokémon Go’s impressive mapping system:


In case you haven’t been clicking on any news about Pokémon Go, according to Business Insider’s report, this app is already bigger than Tinder (based on a number of app installs) and it is about to overtake Twitter soon!

Here’s a chart from Similar Web that shows the average usage time per day of Pokémon Go compared to other apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger:

Pokemon Go 1


According to WSJ reportNintendo Co. shares rose 13% to ¥22,840 (US$222.16) in Tokyo trading Tuesday following a 25% surge on Monday, pushing the video game maker’s market capitalization above US$30 billion. Some updates via SuperData, who says Pokemon GO has brought in $14.04 million across all mobile platforms since launch when it became the highest grossing game on both iOS and Android. In contrast, Ingress, Niantic’s last AR game on which Pokemon GO is built, only made $1.1M in its entire lifespan.

According to Forbes, Pokémon GO already has at least 7.5M US downloads on iOS and Android (Google Play only) since early Thursday, with $1.6M in daily revenue in Apple’s iOS store alone, though those figures are bound to increase as new data continues to roll in.

In just a few days, Pokémon GO has already risen up a new cultural phenomenon in the US mainly due to its nostalgic effect.

Fans of the app say it’s everything they’ve ever wanted, everything they dreamed about as children, everything worthy of leaving the house for and everything good in the world. To them, it is literally everything.

To others, “everywhere” may be a more appropriate word.

Confusion about Pokémon GO has been rising worldwide as its unprecedented growth makes more and more headlines. (Including this one 😜)



In the US, this nostalgic driven phenomenon has brought the local police a lot of headache due to some safety and security issues that the gamers are exposed to.

In Forest Grove, Ore., a man was stabbed while playing “Pokémon Go” early Monday morning.

In O’Fallon, Mo., police say four teens “staked out specific spots they knew would draw players of the popular ‘Pokémon Go’ game, then robbed them.” Three were charged with first-degree armed robbery, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. A fourth suspect, aged 16, was placed in the custody of juvenile authorities.

In Bridgewater, Mass., a 19-year-old woman reported that she was nearly abducted by two men in a van in broad daylight while playing the game. “I was looking for a Pokémon for the ‘Pokémon Go’ app,” Maddie Olson told WBZ-TV. “These guys literally floored their car and, like, swung it towards me.” Olson ran and the men drove away. Police are investigating the incident.

In Yukon, Okla., police say an officer had to swerve out of the way to avoid a head-on collision with a distracted driver. According to Yukon Mayor Mitch Hoskins, the driver, Dylan Lykins, admitted to police he had been playing “Pokémon Go.” Lykins was issued a $151 citation for “inattentive driving without accident.”

In Santa Monica, Calif., police “were faced with an enormous crowd packing the area around the pier” on Monday as “Pokémon Go” users hunted for the game’s key character, Pikachu, the Los Angeles Times reported, while the LAPD said it received trespassing complaints from private property owners.

In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement on Monday firmly requesting that visitors not play “Pokémon Go” while on its premises:
“We feel playing ‘Pokémon Go’ in a memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism is inappropriate,” Andrew Hollinger, the museum’s communications director, told Yahoo News. “We encourage visitors to use their phones to share and engage with museum content while here. Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls outside of our educational and memorial mission. We are looking into how the museum can be removed from it.”

And guess what?

An entrepreneurial 7-year-old kid spun out a great business idea due to his concerns for the Pokémon GO fans’ safety. He is now selling “Poké Glo” to keep Pokémon GO players safe on the road.


poke glo

poke glo 2


Unfortunately, Pokémon GO has not been officially releasing in any countries in Asia just yet. (Yes! This is a click bait title! 😜 Sorry ~~) There are so many different sources has been trying to hype up the hopes for Pokémon Go to be release in less than 24 hours, but so far, there aren’t any official announcement yet from Nintendo or Niantic.

Pokémon Go is a mobile smash hit, but many would-be fans have been disappointed by the game’s slow international release. The app launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand last week, but its popularity took game-makers Niantic by surprise, and the company “paused” the title’s rollout while its servers recovered. The wait should be over soon, though, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Pokémon Go will launch Europe and Asia “within a few days.” There’s no official comment on this timeframe, with the WSJ citing “people familiar with plans for the game.”


pokemon-go 3


Avid Pokémon fans have been constantly updating the Asia release dates for several countries in Asia on Reddit.

Here’s the latest status update about Pokémon Go in Asia, including Pokémon Go Malaysia (PoGo MYS):


  • (14/07/16) – 5:45PM, Last Rumor is that PoGo will go live Friday morning at 5am HK time

  • (14/07/16) – 4:40PM, Live in the UK, nothing in ASIA

  • (14/07/16) – 4:30PM, NOTHING, rumors saying the game will go live in Asia were not true, confirmed JAPAN, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG and PHILIPPINES still empty maps

  • (14/07/16) – 3:00PM, Users in Asia are reporting “Login Issues”

  • (14/07/16) – 1:45PM, Thailand empty maps too

  • (14/07/16) – 1:30PM, Still empty in Malaysia


Reddit users of this thread even made a detailed list of Pokémon Go availability in many countries:

Android / iTunes – Is the Pokemon Go App released in the local App Store?

Local Servers – Availability of Pokestops, Gyms etc. per region & latest time


As for Malaysia, here’s the current status as we publish this article:

Malaysia (Last Status 14/07)

Android (No) / iTunes (No)

Local Server (Last availability: 11/7)


According to Lowyat.net, there was a slight period of time where Pokémon Go was available in certain areas of Malaysia.




But, if you can’t wait for the official release of the Malaysian Pokémon Go and you are tech-savy enough, here’s a simple guide that you can follow to start your ‘Catch ‘Em All journey now:

For Android users

  • Navigate to Settings > Security and enable the option to allow your device to install and run apps downloaded from third-party or untrusted sources.

Download the Pokemon GO APK file (click to download)

  • Choose the downloaded file and then tap the Install button.

For iOS users

  • Log out of your Apple account on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to settings > General > Language and Region. Now set your local region as US, UK, New Zealand, Japan or Australia.
  • Now launch the App Store and download Pokémon Go.
  • Create a fake or temporary Apple ID for the purpose of logging into Pokémon Go game servers. Choose ‘None’ in the billing menu and then add a random location name with US, New Zealand, Japan or Australian address.
  • Finally, proceed with the installing Pokemon GO. Once the app officially releases in your country you can start using your original Apple ID to download and reinstall the official gaming app.

Note: Your game data will be saved on the server via cloud storage and hence there is no chance of losing your game progress. You can continue from where you left off after reinstalling the official version of the game.

That’s it. You are now ready to play Pokémon GO on your favorite iOS or Android smartphone and embark on your epic adventure capturing Pokmon in the real world in Malaysia!

Just make sure you be aware of your surroundings if you are walking around KL. You do not want to wander around streets where you might be kidnapped or robbed just because you are trying to catch a rare Pokémon on some shady back alley. Make sure you have someone know where you are while you are on your ‘Catch ‘Em All journey.

To conclude my little report about this Pokémon GO craze, I have also included a couple of videos about the Pokémon 20 years history explained in less than 3 minutes and the more 3D animated Pokémon GO trailer that was released last year.



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