The Truth About Asian Men Dating White Chicks


If you are a Malaysian guy studying in a country with majority Caucasian, this post is specially written for you. 🙂

Come on, Malaysian guys, let us be honest to ourselves that you have the desire to date white girls. This is truth that most of the us Malaysian guys refuse to admit. Many of them would give excuses like white girls are not attracted to Asian men, they are not faithful in relationships, the culture does not fit and so on. With that being said, there are only very few among us might be in the position (experience wise) to say that they prefer to date girls that are not Caucasian. But the truth is that, most of us Malaysian guys have not even approached ANY white girl as a potential relationship partner, how could any of us even say that we are honestly not attracted to them? Some of you might admit that you are attracted to them especially when you are in front of the theater screen or your computer screen but you never try to date them.

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In fact, most Asian/Malaysian men have the strong desire to date white girls but can’t. White guys, on the other hand, love to date Asian/Malaysian women and can. And generally, we see more Malaysian women dating white guys than the other way around? Why? Well, let us just be honest and opened here that deeply inside you, you are sexually attracted to them. Yes, we are talking about sex because that is how human beings are naturally attracted to each other. Being an Asian or Malaysian does not make you immune to natural homosapien sexual attraction. No, if you are thinking that this post is encouraging one-night-stand because we are just discussing about whether we, as Malaysian guys, are sexually attracted to white girls or not.


Maybe there are a few minority of us are genuinely not attracted to any Caucasian girls but it is a myth for most of us are actually inexperienced dating with white girls. And, if you are sexually attracted to any of your Caucasian female friends, especially to those who are studying in countries like US, UK, Australia or any European country, you have the desire to date white girls. We all understand that perhaps some of you want to save your chances with some of our attractive Malaysian women who have the great potential to be good wives and you do not want to be seen as a player. And, some of you do not want have issues with your parents back home in Malaysia because they would think that you might end up marrying a white girl who they cannot speak Chinese, Tamil or Malay with.

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First, we have to clarify a few things here.

One, admitting that you are attracted to white girls and dating white girls does not make you a player. Even many of the white girls still have the desire that you might be the one for them.

Two, although dating white girls definitely has the potentiality of causing your conservative Malaysian female friends to see you as a player but that is only for those who are stereotypical and judgemental, either from their perspective or your imagination of their perspective. Well, if you still have a little pride as a man, you wouldn’t want to date an attractive Malaysian woman who is judgemental anyway. In fact, if you are dating a white girl, it actually makes you far more attractive as a man than most of your Malaysian friends because now you have a broader dating option. Just imagine yourself to have that option of dating not only Malaysian woman, wouldn’t you have more confidence as well in general, as a man? And, to all the Malaysian female readers who are actively seeking for a relationship, would you actually single out any Malaysian guy as a potential date because he has dated whites?

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Three, while it is important to pay respect for our parents’ opinion and family tradition, you are now a young adult who is capable of making your own decision regarding your own social life. You are the one who is dating, not your parents.

Four, how do you know that white girls would not go extra miles to be with you. Most of you haven’t even tried to ask them out for a date? Yes, it would be more challenging if they actually become your potential target for marriage but how many marriages on earth go as smooth as the fairy tales?



To all the young Malaysian guys out there who want to be real to their own desire, especially for those who are studying overseas and have the opportunity to date Caucasian girls, now is time for you to go out and discover your options with an honest heart. Maybe they are not wife material due to cultural barriers and background differences; and maybe you do not like their sense of humor. But, ask yourself these two questions if you are a single now: “Do you want to at least give it a shot while you are still young and can, or do you want to end up asking yourself in the future: ‘Why didn’t I try?’ ”

Here’s a bunch of video links that shows that white chicks would dig you, my Malaysian/Asian brothers!


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AND MORE [Just click on any of the links above, you will find HUNDREDS, if not thousands of more videos that gives you solid evidence that there are white chicks who would be interested in YOU. 😉 ]

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