Decide Your Pain To Make Your Gain!


Everyone wants happiness. Everyone wants a fulfilling life. Everyone wants to feel great.

No matter who you are, where you grew up, what social economical background you grew up with, what career you pursue, the lifestyle that you choose to live, the people you choose to hang out with, you want a life that is great enough for you to make it a worthy living; you want to wake up every single morning with a strong sense of purpose; you want to be healthy enough to enjoy what you have build for yourself; you want to have enriching relationships with those you care the most; you want …. the list is endless.

Albeit with all the free and given resources we have on the internet, why is there only a tiny percentage of us are living the fulfilling life?


Is it that you do not have enough desire?

With all the motivational memes that get shared on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter timeline every single day, I doubt that you do not have enough desire. Desire is already been instilled in your DNA, but the motivation to keep our desire going is the bar that is going to separate you from failure to success.

Is money the issue?

It could be one of your major issues but it is not going to be the deciding factor that determines your happiness, at least for most of you who have access to the internet. Each of you have a shelter over your head, food to feed your body, transportation (public or private) to get around, clean clothes to feel invigorated about yourself, and sufficient education read this post. At this point, the only difference that will get to where you are to where you want to be is your actions and your constant motivation.

But, the tricky part is this. Every one of you can say, “I want to be happy, find my soulmate, have a job I love, and can do whatever I want in my free time.” To be frank, this statement is too general for you. Everyone wants that and it does not help you to take effective actions on your part.

Well, you can create a Vision Board for yourself. It would definitely help you to keep your eyes on the prize.


That’s great!

But, that is only half of the first step!

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Go and look back your journals from 5 years ago, and ask yourself whether you have achieve at least 5 of your goals?

I am not talking about mini goals like losing 1 – 3 pounds of fat in a week or getting a job that you still dreaded for the second hand of the big fat clock hanging at your office to hit 5.

I am talking about achieving those goals when you are your perfect self, in every aspect of your life.

And if you are not hitting at least 5 goals (there is no excuse for anyone to not hit at least 1 goal a year), then you probably need the second half step:

Decide Your Pain!

Everybody wants to be financially independent with a job they love — but most of you have zero desire to suffer through 60-80 hours work weeks, long commutes, almost zero social life, tiresome paperwork, arbitrary corporate hierarchies and the slavery like of an infinite cubicle hell.

With the start-up hype that we have nowadays, so many of you have the desire to start your own business, be your own boss, make your own hours, and be the next Mark Zuckerburg, the next New York Times Bestseller, or the next Millionaire under 30, yet only 0.1% of you have the guts and the willingness to love the risk, desire the pain, and look forward to make fun of yourself of working ridiculous hours for something that you have do idea at all whether is it going to work or not.

The only determinant for your success is what pain are you willing to love?

Do you enjoy working in a 9 – 5 job working for someone else’s mission statement and always having the false sense of security of a stable job?

Or are you willing to experience the psychological pain of an entrepreneur who might not have anything to show for until the day you start making a living from your business?

Everybody wants the jaw-dropping physique. Then, you have got to enjoy the fear of lifting heavy weights, the muscular pain and soar after workout, and planning your daily routine with the exact time you are eating with the exact amount of food.

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you do not enjoy hitting the gym and getting soar day after day. You have nothing to lose. Commit yourself to it for a few months and decide whether you are going to enjoy that sustained pain.


Everyone wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend out of your social circles, you have to go out of your comfort zone of meeting with strangers, and love the process of getting verbal or non-verbal rejections.

Don’t fancy the idea of getting rejections and going through the emotional pain of breaking up or being cheated?

No problemo!

Just accept the fact that your soulmate option is limited to those in your regular social circle and the “one in the million” you meet randomly on the streets. And after you find one, get married, and have kids, just make sure you have decided to take both the good and the bad of your decision. Just do the probablity yourself and decide which pain you want.

If you want build a successful website on your own without outsourcing, you have to enjoy countless hours of fidgeting with WordPress features/shortcodes to just make a minor change in the appearance of your website, the tiresome process of bringing enough organic traffic to your websites, and squeezing all of your brain juice to create great contents for your traffic.

So decide now, what kind of suffering do you enjoy having in your life?

It is very important to answer the questions now than later. Otherwise, the ultimate suffering that you will face is regretting being on the fence on what pain do you want. And believe it or not, that feeling is definitely way more painful than any pain that you will put yourself through to achieve whatever goals you want.

If you were too ADD of reading this whole post, no worries. I also have another alternative version for you or just read the title. 😛

“No Pain,

No Gain.

Want to Enjoy the Gain?

You Have to Decide the Pain!”


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