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Are you in the job hunting process and you want to impress your interviewer? Do you have a girl/boy from next door classroom you want to impress? Want to be stylish and confident without spending all your money? Or are you just tired of your current wardrobe and ready for a style upgrade?

No problem – having a good taste in clothes has become as easy as posting a picture on Instagram. And no, you do not have to spend a fortune to get yourself a stylist, now you can have a personalized stylist right on your smartphone.

SUIT APP is now available for download on any device with iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch.

Suit App is a styling mobile app where you receive personalized outfits has launched a new feature – try outfits on your avatar. The avatar is a model, but with your face and your body. Take a selfie, set your body parameters and we will create your avatar immediately. You can play with hairstyles and share your new looks with your friends!

SuitApp project started 2 years ago in Siberia (Russia). It was founded by two Russian ladies, Jen Grebenshchikova and Elena Chuiko. They both have a lot of passion for fashion and they started out with a strong desire to create a smartphone app that combines fashion and technologies.

After some time, they met a talented developer, Vladimir Sinitcin, who joined them to become a CTO of SuitApp. Together, they organized a team of 8 developers to work on the project. In March 2016 the project was chosen to participate in startup acceleration program in Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center. In May 2016 the whole team moved to Kuala Lumpur; and now they are developing the project in a very friendly, dynamic and amazing atmosphere of Malaysia. Magic happens every day!

In March 2016, the project was chosen to participate in startup acceleration program in Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC). In May 2016 the whole team moved to Kuala Lumpur; and now they are developing the project in a very friendly, dynamic and amazing atmosphere of Malaysia where MAGIC happens every day.

Now the app supports male avatars that upload your selfie so that the avatar could have your face! They will be releasing female avatars soon by the end of this month so all of the female users can try out clothes without stepping out of your house.

What Is So Special About SuitApp?

The app focuses on providing personal advice and styling tips for the customer. How? It sends you personalized styling recommendations according to your body type and size.

SuitApp connects you with professional stylists online so you can consult them on what to do with their existing wardrobe. It offers different looks according to your specific preferences and body shapes. You can also try the offered outfits on an online fitting room and buy them directly from Zalora Malaysia.

According to the co-founder and also the COO, Jen Grebenschikova, she said, “We provide a new approach to style recommendations. It uses both unique computer algorithms created by mathematicians, professional stylists and developers and human experts’ opinion. Moreover, in the second version of our app, we will add a feature to try these outfits on their avatar and see how they suit customers.”

How To Use SuitApp?


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SuitApp is pretty easy to use.

After downloading the app, you will receive Feed just like on Instagram. Then, you can choose the look that you fancy the most and try them out with your avatar. The feed is pretty “smart” and the more people use it, the better it learns their preferences. Next, you can also take a selfie and key in your body type data so that SuitApp can create an avatar for specially made for you. If you prefer, make sure you put on your makeup first before you take the selfie.

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You can then try out recommended outfits on your avatar (with your selfie face and body). There is also a feature that helps you to filter options (such as gender, outfit price, and color) so that the recommendations you get will be more accurate.

SuitApp is not only for those who are looking for trendy looks, it’s also a platform for everyone who loves fashion to connect. Here, stylists can meet new customers, while fashionistas can get acquainted with leading stylists and boutique managers. Those with online shops can find new customers and agents that are likely to stay loyal in future.

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Last, but not least, fashion bloggers can use the platform to help increase their audience. On how they would describe the app in just two words, the founders describe it as a Styling Fairy! They are working very hard to make sure that the “fairy” is constantly learning the customers styling preferences so SuitApp can provide better service to its customers.

Try out SuitApp now by downloading it from your App Store.
For Desktop version, you can use this link: http://fittinger.my/home

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