ESSEC’s iMagination Week Demonstrates Disruptive Innovation in Education Industry


From 8 – 12 January, 2018, ESSEC Business School, one of the world’s top business schools, just held its third edition of iMagination Week on its Singapore campus.

Dedicated to creativity, imagination, and transdisciplinarity, the unique seminar is offered to all its students across the Global BBA, Masters, and Executive Education programs.

The annual week-long event reflects ESSEC’s cross-disciplinary learning approach and represents a disruptive change for the Education industry.

In its seventh run at the Cergy campus, iMagination Week led ESSEC to emerge as a finalist out of more than 1,000 candidates in the 2017 Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards.

An initiative that acknowledges and rewards successful transformational programs that enhances student learning outcomes and employability, the Reimagine Education Awards is also a global conference for groups and individuals to share their thoughts and ideas towards enhancing the future of education. iMagination Week has also won the AACSB 2017 Innovations That Inspire award.

Professor Xavier Pavie, Associate Academic Director of the Grand Ecole Singapore and Director of the iMagination Center at ESSEC, said, “When people think about Education, they usually equate that to knowledge acquisition and passing exams.

Creativity and imagination are two skills that are immensely useful and important, but often undervalued. With our unique approach, ESSEC’s iMagination Week aims to produce extraordinary leaders of today and tomorrow, by training them to respond to the ever-changing world around them.”

iMagination at its Best

Through iMagination Week, ESSEC aims to prepare its students — the managers of the future — to understand the increasing complexity of the world.

The program exposed students to the concept of transdisciplinarity through conferences and workshops conducted by experts from a variety of disciplines, including life sciences, futures studies, art, and technology.

iMagination Week also encouraged students to consider and imagine the future and cultivates the visionary leader in them.

This year, iMagination Week in Singapore centers on the theme of ‘How Far Can Progress Lead Us?’.

Over five days, students took up the challenge to generate ideas that will help themselves and those around them to strive for progress and improvement, whether through an economic, social, or personal perspective.

Students were given the opportunity to reflect on how they perceive the continuous pursuit of progress and improvement, and how that defines everybody’s collective ambition for the future.

Leading experts who have found ways to bring creativity into a wide range of disciplines were invited on campus to inspire students by sharing their personal journeys.

This year, ESSEC invited several distinguished speakers to lead the various workshops in Singapore, including Harry Seah, Assistance Chief Executive (Future Systems & Technology) at PUB, who will be delivering the Opening Lecture for iMagination Week 2018.

Heading up the research and development team at Singapore’s national water agency, Seah is no stranger to the notions of creativity, innovation, and transdisciplinarity.

He said, “I’m glad for this opportunity to inspire and interact with ESSEC’s students at their annual iMagination Week. It’s a unique program that I’ve not seen elsewhere, and I look forward to seeing what students come up with at the end of the week.”

Students also got to hear from esteemed leaders like Dave Lim, Founding Curator of TEDxSingapore; Bianca Draghici, VFX Art Director at Industrial Light and Magic; Dr Liu Thai Ker, Former Master Planner of Singapore, and Founder of Morrow; Rebecca Assice, Owner of Virtual Room Singapore, a multiplayer virtual reality game center; André Chiang, Taiwanese Chef and Owner of Restaurant André; Hossan Leong, a Singaporean stage and screen actor; Stéphanie Rigourd, Wine Director at Raffles Singapore; and Kathirasan K, Director of the Center for Mindfulness (Singapore). Speak Cryptic, a Singapore-based visual artist has been named as the event’s artist in residence and he will be painting a mural at the Singapore campus.

To find out more about iMagination Week, follow the event with #iWeek on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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