Essential Packing List for Trips to Malaysia


Malaysia truly is a land of wonders.

With over 30 million people, 330,000 square kilometers, and thousands of different species making it one of the most biodiverse places on earth, there is plenty to explore while in Malaysia.

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, you will definitely want to come prepared. Below we have a quick guide for the five most important things to bring with you during a trip to Malaysia.

Avoid Black Clothes

As a tropical country, Malaysia is hot, and you will want to do all you can to stay cool.

One of the easiest things is to avoid wearing black which will only trap heat and make you more miserable.

Bring light colored clothes if at all possible.


Breathable Fabrics

Though the steamy nights in Malaysia may leave you wanting to sleep only in your underwear, the mosquitoes can be pretty lethal, especially during the rainy season.

Bring some lightweight, long sleeve shirts and pants as pajamas.

This will allow you to stay cool at night while not being devoured by the bugs.

A Bottle or Two of Pepto Bismol

Australian tourists have a name for the infamous upset stomach that travelers to Southeast Asia often experience: Bali Belly.

While the cuisine in Malaysia, and throughout southeast Asia is delicious, the intense spices can lead to some not so pleasant feelings in the stomach.

Make sure to bring along some Pepto Bismol or Tums to help relieve the distress that comes from a great meal.

A Quality Travel Backpack

A few years ago, during a trip to South Africa, I was literally in the middle of nowhere when one of the straps on my backpack completely ripped off. I had about 2 days before I could reach a decent sized town to find a replacement and had to lug around my pack on one shoulder making for a pretty miserable travel experience.

I had about 2 days before I could reach a decent sized town to find a replacement and had to lug around my pack on one shoulder making for a pretty miserable travel experience.

For almost any trip, one of the most important pieces of gear is a quality travel backpack that allows you to efficiently carry your stuff with you wherever you go.

You will want to find a travel backpack that has a good suspension system, good padding on the shoulder pads and hip straps, and several exterior pockets for easy access to what you need.

Since there are several different bags on the market, check out this post for a complete guide to the best travel backpacks on the market today.

Insulated Water Bottle

Whether hiking through the tropical jungle or exploring the city sites of Kuala Lumpur, you will want to stay hydrated while exploring Malaysia.

With the tropical heat, a regular water bottle will only offer water slightly cooler than boiling temperature.

Consider investing in a quality insulated water bottle to enjoy a cold drink of refreshing water after a long, sweaty day.

Enjoy Malaysia

Malaysia is a land well worth exploring, and there is something for everyone.

While most of the stuff you forget to pack can be found in the modern cities of Malaysia, packing correctly certainly goes a long way so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip. 

Written by Scott Moses.

Scott Moses is an outdoor blogger from Live Once Live Wild. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. A backpacking trip in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York a decade ago had changed his life forever.

Since that time, you will find Scott on a hiking trail, a ski hill, or on the top of a crashing wave almost every weekend. Follow him at his blog, Live Once Live Wild to read more about his adventures.






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