How Dating Apps Have Evolved Relationships?


Different Kinds of Tinder (or other Online Dating apps) Users in Malaysia:

“Oh he is so cute ~! I think he got six-packed leh.” [Swipe Right]

“Nah, she is not my type.” [Swipe Left]

“… … ” [Swipe Right, Right, Right, Right … … … while watching TV or driving.]

“Oh yer … … you use Tinder want ah? I din know you are that superficial de.”
[Active user of 5 – 7 dating apps himself, secretly.]

“No lah… I only used it to kill time only. I am bored mah. I will never date these guys. Many of them faked one~!”
[Secretly have gone out >10 Tinder dates.]

Regardless of which kind of users you are, I am sure you are familiar with at least one or two dating apps.

In order to hack the dating game or to find the right soulmate for you, you have to know the facts and how has the game evolved with the emerging dating apps. Otherwise, your only option for dating is your limited social circles, which means you are most likely to settle for someone who you do not truly love. Or, you can spend the rest of your life single, which isn’t a bad option for a small percentage of the human population.

Here’s a great infographic (thanks to the courtesy of Carvaka) that shows great how millennial relationships have evolved with the genesis of mobile dating apps.



So here they are, different dating apps for you, whether you are rich, famous, gay, straight or a fetish, you have an accessible app for you to use to meet with someone who is like-minded with you.

At the end of the day, dating is part of life experiences and a process where you will find out more about who you are, who you want to be, and who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Just remember, whatever you do, play it safe unless you are planning to have babies in the early stage of your life.

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