How I Helped A Kidnapped Victim After She Was Abducted By My Boyfriend

“Post-breakup abductions are a thing now. But I only get to know all this after I saw something similar happening that involved my boyfriend.”

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Relationships often end up in a toxic manner and pulling yourself out of a pit of despair is not the easiest thing to do.

Some people overcome it sooner or later but for a few, the shadow of an abusing boyfriend never disappears. It keeps hanging over their head like a Damocles sword where you are in the light of an ever-present peril.

Post-breakup abductions are a thing now. But I only get to know all this after I saw something similar happening that involved my boyfriend.

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There are already dozens of news available on the internet about people abducting their ex-girlfriends. The Washington Post covered the news of a California women (Virginia Paris) who was believed to have been abducted by her ex-boyfriend Joseph Hetzel after she obtained a restraining order against him. Thankfully she has been found safe now!

Joseph Hetzel dropped the 55-year-old lady at a hotel in Nevada late Monday night while the authorities and have been on the search for the abductor.

That night Paris phoned a family member that she was in a hotel located in Henderson and needed help. Paris summoned for help and the casino staff contacted the Henderson police department. The abductor left her there and flee the hotel.

Virginia was shifted to hospital for treatment and is now with relatives.

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In 2004, another ex-girlfriend reported numerous vandalism and harassment incidents in which Hetzel was accused of poisoning that ex-girlfriend dogs, throwing toxic chemicals on her grass and throwing rocks at her windows

Could Virginia have avoided this calamity?

This reminded me of how I helped a victim when she was kidnapped by my ex-boyfriend.

Jacob and I were in a relationship for six months before the honeymoon stage ended, giving way to constant arguments, jealousy and cheating on his part. Despite those mounting problems, I stuck it out.

Jacob has been acting weird and frustrated lately. There was nothing pleasant left now except deep suspicions about him. He came late and drunk. Always left his room while talking on the phone. He even shouted a couple of times at me for petty issues.

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All this was developing into enough of an emotional trauma for me to cope with. Besides all this rough ride, I was unable to identify the reason behind this behavior.
At first, I thought this could be due to his family, but on inquiring there was nothing wrong there. All clues pointed towards my only suspicion; he was cheating on me.

So I started reading about overcoming bumpy relationships. It was when I came across a suggestion while reading an online article about a boyfriend spy app; after which, I decided to use app against my awkwardly behaving boyfriend.

The next night when Jacob came home drunk, I took this opportunity to install this app on Jacob’s smartphone. I know some of you would point at the breach of trust I did but you would all know later that was for the better.

I knew if Jacob ever found out about it, our relationship will end up in a break-up. But looking at what I gained from all this, saving a precious human life, it was worth all the risk.

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To start with, I managed a list of suspicious words that came to my mind through this boyfriend spying app. I used its ‘Watchlist’ feature to make sure I received the right information. To my surprise, I received a notification right next day. When I opened that text message it read:

“If you would not agree to what I say, I will kill you.”

That was more than just a clue for me to find out about the reason behind all this. So I started tracking him through the live tracking feature of the xnspy boyfriend spying app. That day I finally knew where he used to be in the wee hours of the night.

It was a shock to know that he was abducting his ex-girlfriend!

I contacted the police right away to help the poor girl. He would definitely have killed her had she not succumbed to his demands. The police raided the place and recovered the abducted girl.

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I would like to reflect here on what happened in my relationship and with Virginia.

Jacob or Hetzel are not the only guys out there who can do that. Besides all the rules of a relationship, we must all be careful. There are certain limits to the trust we shower on our partners. As soon as you identify something wrong, try to get to the root of it.

When I noticed that Jacob was no more the same guy, I went for the reason. A boyfriend spying app worked for me and you should also look for all sorts of help you can use. 

Had Virginia a strong support network with somebody that can monitor her using this app she could have been saved from the mental and physical torture she suffered.

God forbid if anything such happens to anyone out there make sure to be mentally ready for a post break-up trauma or rivalry and the ways to deal with it.

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