How Social Media Improves Our Writing

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The rise of social media has changed the world of communication as we know it. This says especially true for the case of written communication.

The evolution of communication in our lives is really astounding. One minute post box letters were the thing, and then the next thing we know we’re already talking other people from all around the planet with just once click in our android phones or tablets. The rise of social media has indeed brought a lot of good for us.

I mean, we can’t say altogether that social media is a wrath and curse brought by god. Just look at all the benefits it brought to businessmen. They can now begin promoting and advertising their products and services online. But let’s talk about how social media is impacting our written communications.  

When we talk about how social media affects our writing, I bet the first thing that comes into your mind is how it’s tarnishing the art of writing.

We’ve read it all before. Tons of articles scattered on the internet, all slamming social media about cyber slang, being the cause of written language illiteracy. Setting that sad story aside, what would you do if I tell you that social media might actually make you a better writer? Would you tweet your heart out? Will you shout for joy all across your Facebook timeline?

I know you feel like floating in the thin air right now, but you better get your feet back on the ground just for a few more minutes because I’ve got good news for you.

Here is a couple of factors that make social media the bets platform for enhancing your writing skills:


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One of the best things about social media that makes it an awesome platform for writing is that people just love to express their thoughts and opinions. The key to good writing is frequent practice, and that’s something you won’t always find in writing lessons.

Yeah, sure, you’ll get tons of practice during the course, but that’s only going to bring you so far because right after the course is over, you’ll just get back to your old routine.

I’m not saying that joining writing courses won’t be effective, but it most certainly will not last. If you think you’re already a good writer, and then that should give even more reasons to keep on practicing.

Writing is just the same with every other skill. The moment you stop, your skill also stops.



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It’s not just writing frequently that improves writing. It’s also about getting rid of your bad writing habits. No matter how good you think you are or how good you really, you still aren’t safe from bad writing habits. Come on, everybody has one.

Most of the writers who aren’t getting any better are due to the fact that they fear rejection and criticisms. They despise the thought that something might be wrong with the way they write. As a result, they tend to shy away from conversations that could involve any kind of judgment about their writing.

Nobody can blame you if you’re one of the latter. It’s just common for writers to be sensitive with regards to their writing. But if you really want to get better and then you better stat being open. In most cases, this is also one of the reasons why some writers aren’t very comfortable about showcasing their writing on social media.

They’re afraid of what other might say about them. But let me just say that this is also one of the best aspects of social media. People will be commenting on everything you post. That being said, it becomes easier for you to gain feedback.



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Whatever your forte is, you’d need to have confidence if you want to pull through, and the only way for you to have that is if gaining experience. Publishing your own writing, whether it is a professional work or just a craft of your own opinions and imagination, can be quite nerve-wracking.

You’ll realize this once you’re decided to be serious in your writing. One click won’t be as easy as it used to be. Why? Well, it’s because whether you like it or not that one click can have a significant effect on you. Not knowing whether that effect is going to be good or bad is just scary.

Well, thing is, it’s not just about publishing your piece. It’s also about having the confidence to actually write. Believe me. I’ve met a couple of people who are really quite good when it comes to writing.

The only problem is that they don’t think they’re good enough. They were majoring in English writing, but instead of embracing their art and working on a possible portfolio, they decide that it would be better to wait until graduation to see if they do become better.

I already mentioned in the first item that frequent writing practice is crucial to becoming a better writer. If you think you’re not a good enough writer to even begin writing and then your dream to become better will only be as good as a dream. Social media gives us a platform to be confident in everything that we want to say.



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When we post online, there’s no doubt that people will like or comment on them. In other words, we will be gaining tons of feedback. That being said, there will be a collaboration between the writer and the audience.

Not only will you be able to learn about your bad writing habits, but you’ll also be opening a new door towards a new set of writing ideas. Through their feedbacks, the writer will gain loads of new ideas, which he can use in his next writing journey.

All in all, you don’t have to blame social media for your writing blunders. We’re used to the habit of blaming technology for our lapses, saying that it makes us lower in processing information.

Some even say that social media is the reason why writers today aren’t as good as they sued to be. But the thing is it all boils down to how you use it. We all have the tendency to be reliant on technology, but the secret sauce to this is to know how to use it to your advantage.


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