How to Date Malaysian College Girls as a Lonely Student

I remember when I was in college.

There was just one thing I could think of and no, I’m not talking about my classes, my books, or my exams. I’m talking about girls.

If you are going to get a little kinky, just remember to lock your doors. You wouldn’t want your dad or mom to walk in while you … … … No one can save you from the embarrasment.

You are in your twenties. It’s totally natural to have the desire to meet beautiful women. And let’s be honest, college is the perfect time for that.

Imagine a place with thousands of young students who are eager to meet interesting people, to make new experiences, and to fall in love. There are many beautiful Malaysian women who dream of meeting their future husband in college.






This is your chance and if you don’t take it, you might end up as a frustrated and lonely 35-year-old World of Warcraft champion.

Do you really want to be this guy?

Of course not!

You want to enjoy your time in college, meet wonderful women, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love with the woman of your dreams.

Let’s make sure that your college years will be the best years of your life…

College Girls in Malaysia are Not Like College Girls in the USA or any western countries

There’s one thing you need to know.

As a Malaysian student, you can’t just expect to move into a dorm and to have a girl in your bed the same night. I’m sorry. That’s not how it works here, but I’m sure you already know that. 

Malaysian college girls are not like the college girls you’ve seen in American Pie or National Lampoon. Don’t forget that you live in a traditional Muslim country and not in a country like the USA where hooking up on college is socially accepted.

I don’t say that one situation is better than the other. All I say is that this is the reality you have to accept.

On any Malaysian college campuses, you have to be way more careful about what you do and what you say than on an American campus. That’s just how it is.

But don’t worry. I show you how you can make the best of this situation.


Ask Yourself: Who Am I Compatible With?

As a Malaysian, you already know that there are three ethnic groups in the country. You can either date Indian Malaysian girls, Chinese Malaysian girls, or Malay girls.

The choice is yours. All I can say is that you should choose wisely.

I am not saying that you have to date a girl who has the same ethnic background as you. All I say is that you should

All I am saying is that you should date a Malaysian girl who is compatible with you, at least when you are looking for a long-term girlfriend in college.

Ask yourself the following question:

Who am I compatible with?”

I don’t care about her skin color and I also don’t care about her ethnic background. This is not about race. This is about values, life choices, and goals.

Just think about it…

In case you are a Muslim Malay and you dream about marrying your college sweetheart, it doesn’t make any sense to pursue a girl who wants to explore her wild side during college.

What if you want to experience one adventure after another in college?

Then don’t date a girl who wants to settle down with you after the first date. You’ll make her and yourself unhappy.

Try to find a girl who has the same values, goals, and beliefs as you. I know, that’s harder in a country with three major ethnic groups than in a country where everyone has the same religion and cultural background.

But it’s doable and once you have found the perfect match, you just have to know how you can take things to the next level…


Approach Her When Nobody is Around

This is important, very important.

Don’t forget that you live in a traditional country. You can’t just walk up to random girls, tell them that they look sexy, and expect them to go out with you.

That’s not how it works.

Don’t be the guy who walks up and down the campus, just to hit on every girl who walks past. You will make a name for yourself, but not a good one. Do that three or four times and every girl on college will avoid you.

You have to be more subtle. Malaysian college girls want a Casanova, but they want a Casanova who knows that private things should stay private.

Approach her when nobody is around. Tell her how beautiful she is when nobody can hear you. That’s how you win the heart of a Malaysian college girl.

The Perfect Date in Kuala Lumpur That a Student Can Afford

Unless you are fortunate enough to have rich parents, you won’t have a lot of money during your college years. That’s just how it is as a student. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take girls on dates.

Dating in college can be cheap. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost a single penny.

Why don’t you invite your college sweetheart to a picnic in the KLCC Park?

The only things you need are a blanket, snacks, and something to drink.

Or why don’t you take her to the Petaling Street market?

Have a look at the stands, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the seafood restaurants and if you want you can buy her a small gift. It’s not that expensive.

Show Your Affection in Your Dorm Room

I know what you want to do at the end of the date. You want to kiss her and she probably wants it too.

But just because you want something doesn’t mean that you can have it, at least when you live in Malaysia. I know, it sounds brutal, but it’s the reality. Kissing in public can get you into trouble.

Be careful and don’t do anything that you will regret later.

Wait with the hugging and kissing until you in your dorm room. She will be more comfortable and you can enjoy each other’s company without any worries.


Thanks to Sebastian Harris for his contribution of this guest post!

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