How to Find The Right Relationship For YOU?


Spending your energy in the wrong direction having a relationship, or you often spend your time in plenty of activities and neglecting your relationship, finally result will be worse very opposite to your expectations. Your relationship will no longer remain ideal and you may have to suffer from other problems like socially ill-mannered, loneliness, broken-hearted, and often feel depression and anxiety.

Then a question arises how you will be able to start a new and healthy relationship?

How will you find friends who boost your moral up rather than just discouraging you? The answer is quite simple, set some rules in your life like loving yourself and respecting other’s opinion either you do not agree with them or you think you are right on a particular issue.  

A couple of days ago I have read an article which was based on “Help you pick a good partner” by Dr. Barton Goldsmith. He said that “always choose a right person for rights reasons at the right time is an art form”. As we all know that the rate of divorce is at their peak, so the statement has summed up the solution in the single sentence. Therefore, find a right person for a relationship by implementing following steps and fulfill your life with the glimpse of love, romance and with affection.



Enjoy your company:

Initially, you need to start enjoying your life and leave all the odd habits you had in past before going into a new relationship. Stop meeting your friends who always dragging you down and discourage you all the time.

Find new company of friends whom you are comfortable with, enjoy your life happily no time ever before. Find someone who understands you well and gives you importance, mean to say who always want to be with you and enjoy your company.

Make friends compatible to your minds:


The most important part is your friends because friends are like an institution if you have good friends who respect each other and care each other that automatically reflect your personality. Therefore, if you keeping a bad company for friends, withdraw from all of them and make compatible friends who are compatible with your thinking, who can understand you well and guide you in bad times and enjoy with you in good times. Being a good company you will soon find a right person to have long lasted relationship.


Remain in Touch:

After finding someone whom you think that particular person is right for you, don’t rush for expressing your feelings, wait for a little while and stay in touch and try to make the judgment either your desiring person have the same expectations what you have regarding him or her.  Make some plans to go outside specifically with that person whom you admire the most, so in short remain in touch with that particular person and let him or her decide what he or she think about you.

Be Generous:

Be generous and always try to help others especially in the presence of your desired person, all these things which you are doing is for to pick up a right person. Always be truthful and discuss your matters with the person whom about you cares, get his or her advice on your particular matters.

If the person listens to your problems sincerely and gives you a good piece of advice rather than just doing a formality. Remember that a person who understands you and listens very well and gives you an honest piece of advice is a truly right person for you.


Don’t become crazy for someone:

Don’t become crazy for someone like we have seen in the movies, reality is totally opposite compared to on screen. See if someone you are looking for your partner has the same feelings and affection for you as you have for him or her. If yes than care for her respect her but don’t realize him or her that he or she is the last person on earth.

Build a trust and remove suspicions:

Finally having a relationship, the most important role is to adopt building a trust and remove all the suspicions both you have regarding each other.  Always discuss each matter with each other and don’t hide anything, be an open book. Respect each other pint of view having a discussion on a particular issue. Learn to make little sacrifices for each other, like if your loved one asks you for anything which he or she like, it is possible you don’t at the same time but try to do that particular stuff for him or her. You will see your relationship will grow and the mixture of trust and understanding make it long lasting.



Always be with someone has magnetic chemistry with you:   

The magnetic chemistry in a couple has plenty of attributes like trust, understanding, sacrifice, love and last but not least respect. If you have all the ingredients which I have mention in your new relationship, you have found a hundred percent right person, don’t let him or her go because you have spent a long journey to meet this beautiful moment.


The emotional decision often cost you heavily, so always set some rules while going into a relationship because you are dealing with the emotions of two lives, one is yours and the second one is your partner’s life. A good relationship makes your life paradise but a bad one as hell.  


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