How to Stop Feeling like Shit

Hello my friend,

It’s Thursday morning.

Tell me if this is you…




It’s 6AM on a Thursday morning, your alarm just went off.

You hit the snooze button…

Five minutes later, your second alarm rings again…

Subconsciously, you know that you should be waking up before to catch the bus or LRT for school before the morning rush hour.

But, you were in the middle of a fantastic dream where you are living your “dream life”. The dream was so real that it convinced your arm to hit the snooze button again.

Then, you go back to living your dream… you were on a vacation… you were happy… you were about to do a bungee jumping from the top of the Sunway Lagoon peak…


Ouch~! Amboi, sakitnya ~ ~???

You finally woke up from falling off from your bed on the marble floor.

You rub your eyes but can’t seem to get out that eye-booger that’s stuck in the corner of your eye.

The taste of your unbrushed teeth stuns you as you think to yourself, “Yuck, my breath smells like shit!”

Then, a strike of urgency hit you as you see your clock saying 7:29AM

You know that you are definitely going to be late for class!


late for class


Unwillingly, you jump out of bed, you quickly brush your teeth, dress up your unironed uniform, grab your bag pack, chuck in a piece of Gardenia wholemeal bread on your mouth, and rush out to the bus stop.

As you are fast-walking to the bus stop, you still managed to reach for your phone and check on your Instagram updates while you are chewing the Gardenia bread.

Looks like your friend Michelle just posted another mirror-selfie with her holding the “peace” sign up and with her lips puckered.


Bus U68 is here.

You got in line after inhaling the carbon monoxide exhaust gas from the bus that just left.

Your eyes are still glued to your phone checking your Facebook notifications as you couldn’t bear to see the sight of the little red box that is constant yearning for you to click on them.




After wasting 20 minutes on Facebook and sending “I AM Late for Skol” trolling selfies on Snapchat, you are finally bored enough to put your phone back to your backpack.

The bus stops and you got down on the bus.

Looking at the closing LRT door, you quickly dash through the door after scanning your phone on the Touch N’ Go scanner.

You arrive at school at about 8:05am. The first period has already started so you can’t just walk into the main entrance.




You sneak in through the broken wire “pagar” behind the “padang sekolah”. Then, you sit inside the “tandas lelaki” for 30 minutes scrolling on more Facebook updates on your phone.

After the first period has gone, you sneak out from the tandas and walk into your classroom as if you just came back from the loo.

Alas! You are safe!!!

The teacher doesn’t notice you at all as she walks out from the classroom from the front door.


late to class


And your attendance will not show any red flag at all because your form teacher will only come and take attendance in the fourth-period class that day.

After 4 hours staring competition with the wall, a.k.a. sitting in a classroom, you got your 30 minutes recess period aka gossip period at the canteen.

Even though you are sick of listening to all of the drama that your friends are passionately sharing with you and you don’t want to just ignore them and hurt their feelings. So, you have to pretend that you are listening to them while you are trying to chow down your nasi lemak, roti canai, and milo ice.

Then, you go back to your class feeling sleepy from the food you just ate for 3 hours of “head-fishing” aka head-nodding competition with your teacher without being noticed that you are indeed a sleeping beauty.


head fishing in class


And finally, your favorite sound of the day – the after school bell!!!

Woohoo~!! Your miserable shackles are unlocked and you’re free to go home.

So then what do you do?

You might go home and binge watches Jackpot (Korean Drama) because you’re exhausted from school.

Or you might hit up some friends playing badminton, spend the rest of your allowances at cyber cafes, and eat your life away at McDonald’s.

Shit– but you have to study for the chemistry test you’re taking tomorrow. So in the evening, you head back to your home and spend the rest of the night cramming for a test which you’re most likely going to get a “B-” on.

Does this sound like a life filled with excitement, confidence, and personal fulfillment, or does this sound like a life of repetition and mundanity?




You all have these goals and new year’s resolutions you set for yourself, but if your day was anything like the day I talked about, you missed out on a big opportunity to be great.

I read all of your email responses from a few months back when I asked: “What’s your goal for 2016?”

  • You told me this was the year that you would be eating healthier and losing your dreaded excess belly fat.
  • You told me that you are going to commit to a fitness plan and workout 3 – 4 times a week doing cardio and weight training.
  • You told me that you be more confident and start talking to the girl/the boy you have been huge crush since Form 2.
  • You told me that you are *NOT* going to waste your day and night playing Dota 2 or LOL or binge watches Korean drama while chucking down the whole ice-cream bucket of your favorite brand.
  • You told me that you would do better in school this year and your specific goals you wanted to achieve for SPM, STPM, O-Levels, A-Levels, IB, or your rocket science undergraduate/graduate degree.
  • You told me that you would be more proactive in your science and math association and you would run for the next election for the president position.
  • You told me that you would start doing your research for scholarships, grants, financial aids, overseas universities, and opportunities  for your future.

So did the day I described help any of those goals?


And, it only gets worse!

(“Really… bruh? Why are you doing this to me?! ???”)

And yes, really!

Most of your so-called best friends will never say this to you because they are afraid of losing your friendship with them.

And yet, sometimes, you just need someone like me to say it to your face.

But don’t worry my friend, I’m not here to make you feel like shit about yourself. Calm down yourself now if you are feeling frustrated and angry about yourself.

(And, don’t punch your computer screen and hurt yourself, ok…?)

The past is the past and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Let’s just focus on the present now, alright?

I’m here for you, and to tell you how you can wake up in the morning to have an accomplished and productive day that will end with you saying, Wow, I did a lot today. And I can’t f*cking wait to grow even more tomorrow. I am so proud of myself.

Forgive yourself now and here’s what you can do to change it…

Create a morning routine.
(Read How 29 Successful People Who Wake Up Really Early)

What if you could feel energized, get more done, and even have free time to do what you love, every day?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s what a morning routine could do for you if you do it right.

Ok, let’s cut the BS and get you started.


new beginning

Here’s how you create your morning routine:

  1. Get a sheet of paper and a pen

  1. Did you get the sheet of paper and pen yet? No? Okay, go get it now. I really want you to succeed, not be a lazy-ass ?

  1. Make a list of things you could do that would discipline you and make you feel energized

  1. Choose your top 5 things and that will be your morning routine. Keep that piece of paper on your nightstand.

To give you some guidance, I’ve already made a list of morning activities that will help get your day started, so feel free to copy some points from here… I’ve bolded my own personal morning routine:

Things to do for Your Morning Routine:

  • Drink a cup of water first thing when you wake up

  • Take a cold shower

  • Read a book

  • Meditate

  • Write in a journal

  • Run around the block for 20 mins

  • Say at least 5 times “Thank You” to show gratitude for life

  • Make your own bed

  • Have coffee/tea/milo

  • Do 100 push ups (or 20 if you are a beginner to fitness)

  • Stretch for 10 minutes

  • Write down your top 3 goals for the day

  • Embarrassingly dance for 3 minutes (try it, it feels good)

  • Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

Feel free to add your own suggestions; as long as it’s something that will help you start out the day more productive.

Alright, now that you’ve written down your morning routine, I want you to know something.

You should strive to do all 5 activities every day, but sometimes life gets in the way– and that’s okay.

If you can manage to do at least 3 out of 5 of these things every day, consider that a win. You are human and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.

Just always try your best and always improve every day.

So, did you guys like this article? If you did, it’s probably because I did a good job of sticking to my morning routine today.

I’m curious to see how much a morning routine is going change your life.

And, I know you definitely will if you stick to it every day.

Write back to me in the comment box below and let me know if you want me to go more into detail about the activities I do in my current morning routine.

I make sure to read every single response, so don’t be shy.

– GT 


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This article is written by Tan Guan Tyng, an alumnus of Catholic High School, Pelating Jaya. He took his STPM Examination in 2008. After teaching at St. John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur as a temporary teacher for 4 months, he studied Environmental Engineering for a year at UniMAP in 2009, transferred to St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States of America and graduated with a Liberal Arts & Science Bachelor degree from St. John’s College. He is now one of the contributing writers of You can follow what he is up to at does not represent any of his personal opinion expressed in his articles.

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