Just turned 21? Make sure you check out the KL club scene ~!!!

Have you just turned 21?

Or are you/one of your besties is turning 21 soon?

Make sure you read this if you want to experience the best 21-year-old party at the best clubbing scenes in KL!!!

(From the editor: Sorry for those of you who are not 21 yet. 😜 We’ll come out with another article on more underage/halal entertainment for you! 😎)




Here’s a very simple club guide that will explain about the nightlife lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, check out of what to bring, dress code before you go for clubs, the do’s and don’t for partying in Kuala Lumpur nightlife scenes.

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Age Restriction

Before you party in Kuala Lumpur, you have to be above 21 years of age (which is the legal drinking/smoking age here) to enter the clubs and some clubs do set the age restriction to 18 years old. Remember to bring along your IC/Passport (if you are not a Malaysian citizen) for these clubs. It depends on, however, some clubs don’t check for your age or ID.


Dress Code

Some clubs do have a dress code, so you need to check in advance to make sure that you can get in with casual clubbing lifestyle and clothing. Make sure you don’t wear any rugged or torn jeans, clothes, slippers, sandals or shorts. They definitely will stop you just because of this. But for the most part, as long as you dressed smart & casual, they will let you in. Normally the clubbers in Malaysia wear t-shirts, long sleeves, a pair of jeans, short skirts, and high heels. If you like to dance, make sure you wear something light and dress to impress.



Cover Charge

What’s the cover charge? It depends on the club itself as different clubs cover charge ranged from as low as RM25 to RM50 which normally includes 1 free drink for you choose to get your night started.

Most of the clubs in Kuala Lumpur charge an entry fee especially on the weekends but some clubs are free entry on the weekdays. You can as well open bottle on liquor beverages, and the minimum of 1 bottle can let 4-5 (depends) of your friends to enter the club without any cover charge.

For ladies, some clubs will even let you in for free if you are dress up. You can also enjoy free drinks at certain clubs during the ladies night. Usually, free drinks are served for a limited period of time. Some clubs have promotions with a free bottle of liquor at the entrance for the ladies. This is all depends on the clubs though.

Inside the Club

Usually, there’s a bouncer in every clubs will do marking stamp on your hand for identification for re-entry & out of the clubs. You will then get a receipt from the counter which entitled you a free drink that you need to claim from the bar.

If you pay for open bottles, some clubs will have promoters or ambassadors to guide you in the club, trying to look for a place or table for you.




Smoking Area

You can smoke in most of the clubs in Malaysia as the non-smoking trend is still yet to come. The non-smoking venue in Malaysia was first introduced at Ministry of Sound by Euphoria with a special smoking room for smokers.

Most of the time you will have to end up going home with your clothes with the smell of cigarettes smoke as you would probably pass by a lot of club goers smoking right outside of the bars/clubs.

Most the clubs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia opens till 3am. There’s curfew in some PJ areas which the entertainment outlets like clubs, pubs and bars are only able to operate till 2am the latest.

Keep in mind that clubs, bars, and lounge that located near residential areas, under one roof with hotels normally closed at 2am or earlier. So do check out with the clubs or venues about their operating hours.


Don’t Drink and Drive


Be a responsible drinker.

Don’t drive a car when you’re drunk. Never drive a car based on your intuition – Okay, I’m not drunk, I can handle it’  if you can’t even walk straight. You might feel uncomfortable, starting to puke and pengsan (faint/blackout) on the way back home.

Drunk driving is dangerous and poses a great danger to other drivers around you and risking your life too. Always beware of roadblocks, else you’ll end up in trouble with the authorities. You might end up getting in an accident of you lost control of your mind.

Have a reliable designated driver who is conscious and 100% able to concentrate on driving to get you back home safely. If all of you are too drunk to drive, hang out at the closest mamak stalls around the club, eat and drink something light until you become more conscious.

Or, just take public transportation (Uber, LRT or taxi) to the club and Uber back home.

Don’t have Uber app yet?

Download it here now at Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

In any case, unless you want to get an instant social media “fame”, make sure you have someone you can count on to take care of you when you know you are going to get trashed. If not, you are going to end up becoming laughing stock for the month among your social circle. And most definitely, you don’t want your future employer to see you like this (picture below) when they google your Facebook account.




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Don’t ever take drugs.

In Malaysia and Singapore, the death sentence is mandatory for drug trafficking (defined as being in possession of more than 15g of heroin or morphine; 1,000 gm or more opium (raw or prepared); 200g or more of marijuana or hashish; 40 g or more of cocaine). For lesser quantities, you’ll be thrown in jail for a very long time and flogged with a cane.
(Source: Malaysian Law Dangerous Drugs Act 1952)




Have Fun ~

Last but definitely not the least, make sure remember to bring your wallet, your I.C., dress smart & casual, and enjoy your party night out!

And if you are single, don’t be afraid to talk to the cute guy/girl across the bar!
😎 😎

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