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Hello Malaysian food lovers ~!

We are very fortunate today to have KY from to share with us his wonderful insights on best Malaysian cuisine you can find with his over 10 years of experience of being a food blogger.


For those of you do not already know, has been consistently recommended by multiple websites like VulcanPost and LifeStyleAsia to be among the Top 10 Best Malaysian Food Bloggers & Instagramers. With very personal reviews and hand-drawn maps guiding visitors to his gourmet’s finds, he shares many genuine impressions of both mundane and posh eating places.

According to his Facebook description, he blogs mostly about food and travel mostly in the Klang Valley as well as other places in Malaysia. One may wonder how the heck is he not fat with all the eating, and that’s because he values variety over quantity.

“I do in fact participate in sports several times per week. You can attribute it to genetics as well if that is somehow more comforting,” KY told Nuffnang.

In 2011, KYspeaks was nominated at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.



And in 2014, he was invited by Ernest Chong from an NTV7 hosted Food Reality TV show as the guest food blogger to hunt the best street food around KL.



Just recently in the dawn of 2015, he was also one of the judges for R.AGE Food Fight together with Le Cordon Bleu master Chef Rodolphe Onno, international celebrity chef Chef Wan, restaurateur Chef Darren Chin and performing artiste/chef Tan Chung Liang.




Ever since his very first post in 2005, KY has attracted many Malaysian food seekers with his unique and witty writing style.


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Now that you get to know a little about our awesome food blogger, let KYspeaks speaks for himself.

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Q. Why do so many people adore your blog? What is it about you and your subject matter?

I guess, for the most part, the blog has a purpose and it is useful to many people who shares the similar palate with me. Also, I had incorporated maps & addresses in my reviews since the day before WAZE & mobile phone navigation in general, so that probably helped.


Looking for a foodie road map around Peninsula Malaysia? Just check this out! Image credit: KYspeaks Food Road Map

Q. What was your first inspiration to start

The blog started out as a “I also want to have a blog” sort of thing when it was all the rage some 10 years back. After a while, I realized I could use it to document the locations of good eateries for my own future use.

Q. Was your very first blog? If not, how many other blogs have you written for?

I had personal websites before back in the Geocities days, but they were not called blogs then and wasn’t updated as regularly as blogs are.

Q. Did you outsource any tasks to other people when you first started? What about now?

Content on is solely written by myself, as do most of the photos to this day.

Q. What was the most challenging aspect of your journey with KYspeaks?

Being consistent and post regularly can be challenging sometimes especially when there are other distractions such as work, other hobbies and so forth.

Q. What was the turning point for your blog when you knew it was successful?

The very first time someone came up to me in public and told me the read my blog was a huge “whoa” moment.

Q. What’s the most important change you’ve made on your blog in the last year?

I haven’t made any changes int he last year really, though I plan to add more local traveling contents.

Q. Do you have a favorite post in your website that you think is amazing?

This one from 2006 was the best though it’s not food/travel related, but it was awesome

kyspeaks-fakeboat Editorial Team’s reaction: LMAO + ROFL ? !!!!

Q. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting up a blog right now?

Make it a hobby, don’t start out trying to make big bucks out of it, and try to be consistent.

Q. What are the things that you wish you did or didn’t do in your 20’s?

I should have talked to my late dad more before his passing.

Q. A few months back, you were one of the judges for Food Fight R.AGE. Please describe briefly on your experience with it and your thoughts on the future of Malaysian food development.

Future of Malaysian food is bright! Not only these young chefs are skillful, they incorporate traditional ingredients and cooking methods with modern techniques, result was some really awesome dishes. I was also very very happy to be working alongside Chef Wan at this event, it was like a dream come true, the guy is my biggest culinary hero, he’s done so much for the country.

Q. Just hypothetically, if you only have one more day to live and only 3 dishes to eat, what are your last 3 dishes?

Bak kut teh, Char kuih teow, Prawn mee.


Q. What is the best dish you have ever eaten in your life? 

There is no “best dish” per se, but there are many that leaves a strong impression the first time you have it. I may have to choose the egg omlette at carnarvon street.

Q. What is the craziest story you have ever had related to cooking and food?

We cooked bugs at home.

Q. What is your recommendation (as an authority) on 5 best/cheapest/most authentic places to eat in Malaysia? And in KL?

This list may change from time to time depends on mood I suppose, but 5 I’d put today would be the following, will keep it in KL

Q. Any last thoughts for our audience in

Make Malaysia proud ??✌️!

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Next time when you are looking for some “food-venture”, just stop by at to find out some offbeat and “onbeat” places to eat. ?

Thanks again to KY who spent some time to allow our editor to do a Facebook interview with him.

Comment below on what you like about KYspeaks and his recommendation.

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