Let’s Have A Unique Monkey Year

Charcoal pencil sketched of White-headed capuchin by SiennyLovesDrawing.JPG

Written by SiennyLovesDrawing who loves to draw since young, welcome to read her art blogging here.
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Just a simple sketch of a white-headed capuchin with my charcoal pencil. Why this species of the monkey family?

Because it is unique looking to me when I googled & read about monkeys, do read more about this white-headed capuchin via link below,


SiennyLovesDrawing would like to wish everyone has an unique monkey year of 2016 ??
For SiennyLovesDrawing, she would like to have an unique 2016 by a must have my me time on daily basis no matter what happens ?

In life, do you often heard people around you complain that 24 hours a day just not enough for them? These people may be a workaholic, a housewife, a mum to a new born baby, business owner, a student that going to attend an important exam etc. Hence, they may not understand what is me time, then of course not even to appreciate me time.

SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys her me time via her handrawn detailed ink art.jpg

Hmm…You may ask what is me time?

Sharing some of the definitions gathered from various dictionaries as below.

(i) Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

(ii) One’s own personal time to be alone.

Every one of us may have our own definition of me time. Just that we need to clearly understand that the me time is only for our own self, not our loved ones. It means taking time out just to have own personal time & enjoy our own company. We all need to cut ourselves some slack for the sake of our sanity. Me time is anything that lights you up or fascinates you, yes, just you.

SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys her me time with reading.jpeg

Hmm…You may ask why me time?

It helps you see the glass as half full. When you are overwhelmed, stressed or sad, you tend to focus on the negative side of things. Even the day-to-day hustle & bustle has a tendency to get you down too. But by taking the time to actively process your emotions, you can head off emotional overload before it starts.

Every once in a while, whether you feel the blues coming on or not, find a quiet spot in a cafe/ a park to sit down, then write down your thoughts on paper (no need to make sense), it simply just to putting your own attention before they have a chance to pile up and tumble out of control. By making yourself aware of certain overwhelming feelings, you’ll be better able to identify and avoid the situations that created them.

It makes you a better decision maker. Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re struggling to make a difficult decision is to shelve it & channel your angst creatively. Picking up a sketch pad, working with clay, gardening or writing may be the best antidote.

By doing something creative, whatever it may be, is the best way to facilitate brainstorming. The creative action alone—not the end of the creative product actually can flex and recharge your “idea muscles,” which can help you to think differently as you continue working through the challenge.

It can help you achieve your goals. You might relish in helping other people achieve their own goals, whether you’re sewing a costume for your child’s play or planning your sister’s baby shower. But what about your goals? By designating daily “me time” to cross something off your own bucket list—like spending an hour a day training for a marathon or planting a vegetable garden—you’re not only setting yourself up to reap a confidence boost from achieving the end result, but you’ll also feel a daily sense of accomplishment as you work in small doses towards the larger goal.

SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys her me time via her handrawing postcard.jpg

Hmm…You may ask when to have me time?

Wake up early.
(Read on 29 successful people who wake up really early).

Schedule fix time in a day or a week as me time no matter what happens.

Perhaps you can think of having your me time during commute time from a place to another place? E.g. from your home to school/ college/ university?

Hmm…You may ask how to spend my me time?

Me time could be doing yoga, reading, trying out a new recipe, whatever it is you feel you want to do. Depending on how much time you have it might even be just having a cup of coffee in the garden.

For me, I always love to hide in a bookstore & enjoy my reading, relax enjoy coffee & drawing ?

Welcome to share one of your unique change/ idea that you would like to start in 2016? ?

celebrity monkey.jpg

Note: Article written by SiennyLovesDrawing who loves to draw since young, welcome to read her art blogging in https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

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