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Love drawing(detailed ink) by SiennyLovesDrawing

Love drawing (detailed ink) by SiennyLovesDrawing

Written by SiennyLovesDrawing who loves to draw since young, welcome to read her art blogging here.
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Recently watched a romantic movie named ‘The Last Women Standing’ 《剩者为王》. It was a happy ending love story filmed based on a novel written by an author named Luo Luo & starring Shu Qi and Eddie Peng ? ?

Most of the women would like to wear a pretty wedding gown in their wedding, once in a lifetime. The wedding gown which designed by Vera Wang, and wore by Shu Qi in this movie is so elegantly pretty ?

Wedding gown designed by VeraWang

I appreciate the story line & believe in the love philosophy of this movie. As women, would you simply rush to having a marriage because of your age is catching up, being rushed by your parents or being teased by your friends/ relatives around?

Just like how Shu Qi has acted as a mid-30s career minded woman in this movie, we should NOT. Shu Qi held on her belief in love & finally met her Mr. Right (Eddie Peng) in this movie. We need to respect our own marriage & build our own family with a life partner that we can communicate, trust, rely on & enjoy entire life with.



A life partner that able to communicate almost everything (do allow some privacy/ secrets keeping) in a marriage is very important, especially the comfort feeling of having frank communications with each other. It is impossible to meet a life partner who 100% reflection of us or meet what we want. A healthy communication definitely helps you to accept who your life partner is rather than to change your life partner to whom you wish to have. A life partner that allows you to be yourself & communicate freely is precious to own in a marriage.


We trust that our life partner will not betray our love relationship, marriage & family. Trust is just like a glass ball, once with a betrayal, it will definitely damage the whole trust level for any kind of relationship, not just for love relationship. Respect is earned through the trust built in a healthy marriage. To truly be respected, we must also pay our respect to our life partner. It is important to have mutual respect especially when a decision is required, be it a big or small decision.


Rely on

A life partner whom we can count on/ rely on no matter what happens in life being up or down, being there for each other, supporting each other & to share sadness or happiness in life together. The maturity thought level of a person counts here, not the age that matters. A younger person could be more mature in thinking & action as compared to a more senior person as it depends on a person’s life experiences, upbringing, family background, education attended etc.




A life partner who shares the same passion, life values & goals will somehow guarantee the happiness in a marriage. It may not be 100% the same, however, it is how the couple communicates, tolerate, understand, accept, appreciate & then enjoy each other differences together. It is important not to have force element. Because anything that is being forced, the good effect will be just for short term. No one likes to be forced to do something unwillingly for a long period of time.

Love & marriage very much like a pair of shoe, whether the shoe is comfortable or not for a long walking journey, only the one who is wearing it can tell the best, not others. So, no matter how attractive, capable, rich or good looking a partner, most important is how comfortable you are when you are communicating & spending time together, then to decide to spend your entire life together. Do not ever worry about what other people says, most important is our own self.


In particular, I am very touched with a movie scene of the face to face conversation between the Shu Qi’s dad & the doctor about his trust in his daughter (Shu Qi) who will definitely able to find her Mr. Right without in a rush due to her mum’s illness.

People always said and trusted that dad in most of the families would love their daughter more. This is because there is a belief that daughter is the dad’s lover in past life. Is that true? Hmm…I think I trust this belief because my dad loves me very much. I am a spoilt daughter of my dad, being superb naughty & at times can be with bad temper since young due to my dad’s high tolerance towards me ?☺️

This is my own personal thoughts sharing here after my watch to this romantic movie. If you have watched it too, you are welcome to share your comment with me here ?



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