Taking Full Responsibility for Your College Experience

When we were young and naive, we depend on our parents to make most decisions for us. But when it comes to our tertiery education, it is time for us to step up and take full responsiblity on what’s next.  In your mind, you might be thinking, “Yeah! I know that already. I don’t need this post to tell me to be responsible for my future.” Unfortunately, there are still many Malaysian students ending up blaming their parents and friends, the school, the government, the bias education system and the economy when they are in fact 100% responsible for their own learning experience and future. And thanks to the globalization, studying overseas is no longer a big step like it used to be. Hence, it is really up to us to find out what’s best for our future and to take action in getting ourselves there.


In our Malaysian culture, most of our parents will try to take control our decision of which college we go to, especially if we have a more tradisional family background. But, we all know that we are fully responsible to negotiate with them so that you can end up in the best environment to cultivate your fundamentals of your life. I am not suggesting you to be totally rebellious towards your parents’ decision but it is you who is going to study in that environment, not your parents. Ask yourself whether you are willing to spend your time and your parents’ money attending classes that you are not excited about. If you do not want to be going to classes dreading on the decision that you did not make for yourself, take charge right now on making that call on your desired learning environment.


First, to make the best decision, you have to do your homework first. Most of the high school  graduates underestimated this step greatly and therefore wasted a few years before they have made their right choice. STPM, Malaysian Matriculation, A-Levels, American Degree Transfer Program/American University Program, Australian Matriculation, International Baccalaureate, Professional Certification programs, Vocational programs and so on are the mainstream choices we have as Malaysian students for our pre-university education. With the current accesiblity of the internet, none of us have the excuse of lack of resources. It does not matter if your are still in high school or you just graduated from high school, it is very important to put in the time and effort necessary to have a good understanding of all the options that are available for you.


The second step is to get the financial support for your decision. If you are living with your guardians, you will have to discuss with them on your financial support for your further education. Some of us might be in the situation where we need to work in a minimum wage job to save up money for your desired education. If you are growing up with your parents or relatives, it is important for you to understand the financial situation of your family and how much are they willing to pay for your education. This step could be a little bit tricky for families which do not have too much savings for their kids’ education and that’s where the support from government and private sectors come in. Regardless of the financial situation of your family, it is our responsibility to get a clear idea of the cost of your tertiery education and to find out all the other resources you can tap on to fund it. To name a few, JPA Scholarship, PTPTN, and MARA Scholarships, are the popular government related programs to have been sponsoring many qualified students. And, if you are thinking about going overseas for your education, there are thousands of scholarships, financial aids, loans, etc out there for you to apply. Some of them, especially the colleges and university in the United States of America, might even surprise you on how much they are willing to support you financially if you prove yourself to be worthy of the sponsor.


Third step, it is your application. Now that you have figured out what is the best for you and your possible source of financial support, it it is time for you to send in your application. This step goes back to the quality of your research on your options and also the amount of effort you are willing to invest on your education. If you have already graduated from high school and you do not have a good track record on your academic results, well, you will just have to make the best out of the limited options you have. But, do not get discouraged if your current situation do not allow you to go for your best option. As long as you are taking full responsibility on making the best of pursuing your best option, you will eventually get there. It depends on how bad you really want it. And if you are still in high school, congratulations to you for reading this post now. Besause, if you start taking full responsiblity right now, you still have a shot in doing your best in your final year of your high school so that you would have more options to pursue. Regardless of your options, it is important for you to make sure that you have taken the necessary admission tests and organized all of your paperwork in order. Check out our other posts that talk specifically about college application.


Remember! Take full responsibility on making the right decision for your college education is the first thing you can do for yourself as an independent young adult. It is always the best when you are the only reason for your success and failure. Even if you have made a bad decision, at least you know that you have done your very best in making it right. So, don’t beat yourself up too much if you end up in a learning environment that is not best for you. Because, you know that you can always take responsibility to get yourself to a better learning institution if you really put the right amount of time and effort on it.

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