Malaysian Students’ Entertainment Before Smartphone VS After Smartphone

Remember how there was a time when humans actually roamed the Earth without the existence of smartphones?

We know it’s hard for some of you to imagine since some people can barely remember a time like that.
After all, we’re practically glued to our smartphones 24/7 these days!
Just to give everyone an idea of what life was like back then, we decided to point out a number of differences Malaysian students used to do before the age of smartphones versus what the Malaysian students of today do!

Let’s dive into the past, shall we?

Time to get nostalgic!

1. Running around like crazy instead of sitting and playing on a phone.

Remember when we used to have such vivid imaginations?
We’d always run around and play with our toys, like masak-masak, toy cars, ‘pepsi cola’, shooting glass bottle cap, and more!
After the rise of smartphones, things became a lot different for kids.

Sure, they do still play with toys but they also have so many games to play on their tablets and videos to watch on YouTube now!

2. Filling in biodata books like a pro instead of just adding/stalking people on Facebook

Remember those buku-buku biodata everyone used to pass around in class during the end of the school year?
They were always so fun to fill in and some kids really channeled their creativity into those books!
Nowadays, biodata books are sadly a lost art form, with many students choosing to just exchange phone numbers or write on each other’s Facebook walls.

3. Giving out ‘business cards’ instead of social media accounts

For some reason, almost every student in primary school used to order these cards from that one classmate.
Once we got our cards, everyone would immediately exchange them with friends and admire each other’s card designs.
‘Business cards’ served absolutely no purpose as kids, but they were fun to pass around!

And feel #likeaboss

4. Having to use these giant things in computer class instead of USB drives

We wonder if students these days even know what floppy disks are?!
At least they are lucky to have the compacted yet HUGE memory that USB drives have.

5. Waiting for the next issue of Galaxie Magazine instead of using Shazam

Before the existence of smartphone apps like Shazam, almost everyone bought Galaxie Magazine to find out the names of songs and lyrics they heard on the radio.
This was THE magazine for posters and even downloading ringtones!

6. Every Malaysian teen was on Friendster, not Facebook

Who could forget this infamous layout?
Friendster was THE social media platform every Malaysian student was addicted to back before the age of the smartphone.
This was when comments were called ‘testimonials’ and you could even see who was stalking your profile.
Let’s not forget how we’d spend countless hours customizing our profiles with themes and background midi music!

7. Worrying about who was calling the house phone instead of checking the caller ID

In the good old days when people still remember phone numbers in their head and used to call the house phone, it would always be a mystery as to who was on the other end of the line.
Plus, whenever you realize it was a call meant for your parents, you’d immediately be like…
Nowadays, most younger generations don’t know the awkwardness of taking your parents’ calls (and sometimes even pretending they’re not at home to answer the phone).

8. Messing around on MS Paint instead of sophisticated drawing apps

Remember those times in school when we used to be so excited to go to computer class?
The first thing we’d do was open MS Paint and create absolute masterpieces.
Now, we guess the novelty of MS Paint has worn off among kids since there are so many apps like this available to them.

Don’t worry, MS Paint, you’re still number one in our hearts!

P.S. (Why are you still reading this post? If you are really that bored, try MS Paint Adventures)

9. Playing these iconic card games in class instead of online games

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t played these games in class back then?
Uno, Snap, Family, Donkey, Old Maid and more!
These card games were an essential part of our childhood before smartphones came around and they entertained us for hours on end!

10. Taking real (and ugly) photos vs ones with beautiful in-built beautifying features/filters

We practically didn’t know what selfies even are.
At least Malaysian students nowadays get to look good in their photos with all the fun filters (that hide practically half your face).
But as long as you look good right!

11. Passing notes around when you wanted to gossip, not text

Whenever someone has some scandalous breaking news to share, they usually passed it around the class through a physical note – who can resist opening it?!
And once the note starts spreading around the class, everyone would just be like:

12. Fighting over the remote instead of streaming shows on your laptop

Before the internet became more prominent, the only place we could watch our favorite shows was on television.
And if you had a sibling who didn’t like the same shows as you did, you knew the endless battles you’d get in with them over the remote.
Kids these days have so many platforms to watch their favorite shows, they’ll never understand the struggle!

13. Crying over break-up letters instead of break-up texts

But, back then, breaking up was way more dramatic because many of us used to take the time to actually write out break-up letters!
It felt like a huge stab in the heart whenever we received one of those letters.
These days, breaking up feels so impersonal because the new generation just do it through text messages or a brief phone call.
But, we suppose it’s alright since it doesn’t feel as bad as getting a handwritten letter!
At least we could scrunch it up or burn it – that’s something most of us won’t do to our smartphones!

Want to really enjoy life?

Put your phone and internet away for 1 DAY and live without it. You will be surprised how much you actually learn about the real world and how much you are missing out.
And beware, this practice is not for the faint of heart.
You got to have real guts to do it!
This article is curated with the hope that millennials will be less addicted or dependent on the cyber world and their phones.
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