Get Inspired By These 23 Malaysian Ladies with Wonder Woman Aesthetics


Last month, we featured the 10 Malaysian Guys with Superman Physique

Of course, there’s no way we are going to leave out our ladies right?

Check out these amazing Malaysian ladies who have worked hard to perfect the aesthetic of their body.

1. Jazel Lim



2. Hannah Tan


Blogged: 4 tips for a flat tummy. Link on my IG Profile.☝🏼😘 . #OOTD: @boxersandbriefs2005

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3. Suhaili Micheline


Take the time to love yourself. Stay intune with your inner self .Set your goals. Love unconditionally. Eliminate bitterness. Be kind to animals. Be kind to others. Swear less. Be more thankful. Nourish your body. Sleep. Pray. Attract what you want. Laugh more. Give more hugs. Gratitude. ~ My simple routine. It’s not easy to apply them when you have ups and downs in life but it sure delivers you miracles to look forward to a better day and to be a better you. Practice this with your partner or a friend or a sibling. Express them in words, deliver with actions ✨☀️🌈🙏🏻🙌🏻 • • • #UnlikeAny #underarmourmy #goodvibes #sunday #motivation #determination #fitfam #leapoffaith #koafitnessmy #gym #studio #dancer #fitness

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4. Natasha Loo



5. Soraya



6. Sara May


Trained no bought!!!! 80 days to go #teamsaramayfit #saramayfit 📸 @s.l.o.m.b

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7. Lilian Tan


Tbt-2011 Photoshoot . Location Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang

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8. Nana Al Haleq



9. Robyn Lau



10. Ain Ramli



11. Davina Goh



12. Talitha Tan



13. Linora Low



14. Janell Tan


Love your body for what it is, work hard for what it can become. A couple of weeks back, a photo of me doing a 56KG Overhead Squat at the recent #asiachampionships2017 was posted online and some random guy commented: “Let the men do it”. At an instant, I started to feel insecure about my body. I felt lesser of a woman. I looked at the picture and started scrutinizing my body. Maybe I am too big. Maybe I should have smaller legs. For a moment, I lost sight of who I am. But that thought soon vanished within the spur of the moment. Because I know that I do what I do, not for the aesthetics. I train hard to get better at my sport. We are only human and self-doubt can kick in at anytime. What’s important is to give yourself a reality check when it occurs and remind yourself the only person you a striving for is yourself. With comments like that, it gives me great pleasure to prove them wrong. Women CAN lift weights. Women CAN be strong. And strong is indeed beautiful. ⭐️ 📷: #instahusband @nicksee ❤️

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15. Joanna Soh



16. Kimbeley Yap


Ohh my looking at all the photos @jijilovesyou takes of me I can’t help but laugh at this clown in me! Who else feels that way?

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17. Angeline Ong


18. Ann Osman


19. Sarah lian


20.Anuja Anathan Vijayendran


Hey guys, hopping onto a plane home soon!You know the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday you see on mine and yoga social media posts? Its the hashtag that unites the yogi community the world over to a commited practice.Ever wondered what it truly means? To me #yogaeverydamnday is more than just intense asana practice every day.Many ask me “Do you practice yoga everyday?”I say yes,even if it means I only do five minutes of asanas a day or get home and just lie down on my mat to tune into my body and mind after a long day.It is more than just getting into a pretzel like pose and taking yoga challenges and pictures and posting them on social media.The idea that your yoga practice has to be for a certain length incorporating certain postures can cause anxiety.I would be pretty stressed out if I had to do 60 minute asana practice after a one hour brisk walk!Instead ,I incoporate anatomical awareness when I go walk in the park. #yogaeverydamnday is truly a practice off the mat. For example now,travelling from one country to the next and hopping off one plane to another can get pretty tiring-so I practice KCC movements and pranayama in my plane seat. When I am walking,exploring,my mind is also aware of the movement of my hips, my feet on the ground beneath me.Feeling my big toes grounding,my heels lifting …Or when I speak-being aware of the words I utter-speech of patience,of kindness.Sometimes I loose it,oh yes I do!But the realisation at that moment and redirecting my actions-that is yoga to me.Even when I am eating-directing food to my mouth.Chewing my meal with awareness-swallowing, [you feel fuller too!] Hell,when I am in the loo,doing my business. The movement of my bowels.Breathing right,getting it ALL out!That is yoga to me. It is about self care. It is about feeling great,feeling therapeutic.It is in the way of life that you can truly embrace #yogaeverydamnday so chill and lie in savasana if that’s all you can muster today;) I am trying to make my space and practice more interactive with all of you here so let me know your thoughts on #yogaeverydamnday! ✌🏼❤ #manasayogawithanuja

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21. Sandra Woo


This time last year in TPE #throwback

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22. Monika Sta. Maria


Missing having a place to train! I cannot wait to get back in program soon!🙏🙌🏻

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23. Geraldine Read


This list doesn’t reflect any competitive ranking standards.

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