Melanau Sawarakian “Lily Polaris” Dissappointed After Being Insulted/E-Bullied

Right after the unexpected victory of Pakatan Harapan, “Lily Polaris” alias to a Malaysian refugee in Europe posted an S.O.S. video on Youtube to reach out to Dr. Tun Mahathir for help. The video was titled “Message to Tun Dr. Mahathir from a Malaysian refugee in Europe SOS”.

She claims to be a Sarawak Melanau who fell victim to slavery and human trafficking in Johor Bahru and ended up becoming a refugee after fleeing to Europe six years ago.

On the 7.38-minute clip released under the ‘Polaris Northern Star Channel’ on May 9, the girl – identifying herself only as ‘Lily’ – was accompanied by a European man who claimed to be her guardian and best friend.

The video has gone viral since its publication. This footage has been watched over 831,000 times since, with over 1,964 comments posted as of May 31, 2018.

Watch the first video here:

Lily and her European guardian are also seen appealing to Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad – who led Pakatan Harapan to a historic victory in toppling the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in the just-concluded 14th general election (GE14) – for help in obtaining proper paperwork and securing her return to Malaysia.

Lily claimed that she was a victim of slavery when she was 23 and had gone through repeated abuse – being locked up, severely beaten and exploited in Johor Bahru – before escaping to Europe in 2011.

“This is a message to Dr Mahathir. I am very happy that you win the election 2018. I am a Malaysian national. I also suffer from the corruption and I heard you fight against corruption. I ask you for help because nobody wants to help me. I live in Europe for six years as a refugee.

“I am fleeing from corruption from Johor Bahru. The police tried to kill me. They actually set up the trap to kill me,” she said in the video message.

Lily also claimed that the criminals had attempted to sell her off as a slave for S$30,000 and the corrupt police officers of Taman University in Johor, who were involved, only watched as she was beaten and then locked up.

The European said when he met Lily in Singapore, he found out that she was being exploited and abused to the point that she would just collapse at times. She was suffering from severe health problems and all her money had been confiscated from here, he added.

“I didn’t know how bad the situation was. At the certain moment, they tried to sell her (off). We were good friends. Later, corrupt police would help the criminals, grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head against the fence. They had their hands on the holsters and (had) actually told me that they would shoot me if I intervened.

“They stole all her belongings, stole my belongings. I pleaded with them not to do that and survived that (ordeal) and later when I was in the Netherlands, I still received phone calls from a corrupt police demanding payoff amount so that she would not get tortured or killed in Malaysia.

“We tried to talk to some police chiefs but they didn’t take us seriously. For six years, we (have) tried to ask help from a specific consulate, but we’re ridiculed.”

Following Pakatan Harapan’s victory in GE14, Lily said she saw the chance for her to return home safely.

“Lily really wants to go home. She is a Bumiputera Melanau from Sarawak. The thing that they (criminals) did was they had messed up with her paperwork. They changed the data (identity) and even her race from Chinese to Melanau to Dutch and suddenly, back (to being) a Malay,” the European said.

“I am serious and I really want to go home. I need proper documents with my real name and surname to return to Malaysia – and safely, with protection (against) the sick criminals,” Lily pleaded.

According to a report article from The Star, Johor state police chief Comm Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said the allegations were untrue.

“Checks reveal that the woman left the country on Feb 18, 2011 using her passport.

“Further investigations showed that in 2014, she renewed her passport at the Malaysian embassy in London. Her passport will expire in 2019,” he told a press conference on Tuesday (May 15).

Comm Mohd Khalil added that the woman was not assaulted by police as claimed but had actually been beaten up by her family members.

There is a video that runs for 16 minutes and 22 seconds to respond to the JB Police Spokesperson comments. Both of them claims that the police officers stood there watching the “family members” beating her up while doing nothing.

Watch the Follow Up Video here:


After a couple of weeks being bombarded by many nasty comments and threats that she would be kidnapped, “Lily” finally shoot a video of her clarifying that she never said that the Johor Bharu police beating her up.

In this video, she also mentioned the names of the Johor Bharu police officers who was responsible for setting a trap to get her from Singapore to Johor Bharu to end up being beaten by the “family members” aka the accused slavery human trafficking criminals. She asked for protection money from her so that she would not get beaten up by her “family members” whom she refers to as criminals.

Here’s the list of people “Lily” claimed to have abused her:

#1 The policewoman who demanded money from her was Officer Mazliana from Taman Universiti Police Station in Johor Bharu.

#2 The ex Johor Bharu policeman who is currently hiding his identify to the public.

#3 Two women who repeatedly beat her up over the years were: Khamarudin & Khairul.

#4 The woman who has been abusing her stolen documents and credits in RHB Bank in Johor Bharu: Zaleha.

#5 The woman who beat her up and threaten to kill her was Robakayah. According to “Lily”, Robakayah stole all of her belongings and worked at the Singapore-Orchard Tower.

#6 The woman who acted as her “mamasan” – the person who controlled her life and her food supply was Norazyyati. (According to Urban Dictionary, “mamasan” means female pimp. Commonly used in Asia region.)

She also repeatedly clarified that her grandfather was a Melanau with Dutch heritage from Sawarak. His name was Johannes Lai. He was a Sago worker in Sawarak who died a long time ago.

Watch the video here:

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Written by G.T. Tan

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