What is MYCYBERSALE and when is it?

MYCYBERSALE is the largest cyber sale Malaysia has ever seen.

Organized by the Multimedia Development Corporation, and supported by many other organizations, MYCYBERSALE aims to bring together different online e-commerce companies (e-Tailers) to promote e-commerce in Malaysia and to provide a cyber sale for Malaysians and regional customers.

MYCYBERSALE 2017 will see more than 400 e-Tailers taking part!

The “Malaysia Cyber Sale” (stylised as “MYCYBERSALE”), runs for five days, from 9 to 13 October 2017.

MYCYBERSALE-ception: The Pre-MYCYBERSALE2017 Sales Event

Before MYCYBERSALE2017 officially begins, enjoy some great Pre-MYCYBERSALE cyber discounts.

Many e-Tailers are providing great deals for your cyber shopping even before MYCYBERSALE even begins!

So do check out the different attractive cyber sale promo codes already provided to you by the different e-Tailers on MYCYBERSALE’s website; you can save some precious time during the best cyber sales making sure you get what you want instead of searching for those voucher codes.

Some e-tailers also require you to purchase some shopping credits to use when the sale begins, to enjoy even more attractive prizes, do take a look at all the different deals available—you definitely would not want to miss them!

So, be sure to join the largest Malaysian cyber sale of 2017!


Stand to win more than RM50,000 worth of prizes in the Lucky Draw!

To spice things up, MYCYBERSALE is offering you RM50,000 worth of lucky draw prizes! Stand to win anything from 11street shopping credits to a Gintell massage chair. Besides, those are not even the top prizes you can win from MYCYBERSALE!

Ten lucky people stand to win RM1000 in cash, and another 20 stand to win a Samsung A8 mobile phone.

So yes, you won’t only get great deals for the things that you have been eyeing for so long, you get a chance at winning additional things you never knew you needed.

This lucky draw would be conducted throughout the sale, so check back every day and make more purchases to maximise your chances of winning your dream gift from the lucky draw!

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