Our False Beliefs On Career Building


As a Malaysian student or an international student, it is so daunting to see that there are so many fresh graduates out there could not find a job that would sponsor their F-1 Visa or failed to build their desired career path.  Why is this happening?

In any regular Malaysian events or gathering, we often hear a lot of students talking about hopefully trying to apply for jobs after graduation, getting a solid internship experience, starting their own business, so on and so forth. It is great to hear all that passionate discussions on getting hired, unfortunately, 7 out of 10 of the current Malaysian students studying in the overseas do not really take the right amount of actions and time towards realizing their postgraduation goals. As a result, even though they have studied overseas, their job opportunities are not significantly higher than their peers back home. So, what are the mistakes that most of us have made? Rather than mistakes, I would say that most of us have the tendency to sell ourselves the wrong ideas, opinions or perceptions about career building.


The first false idea we all love is, “I DON”T HAVE TIME.” And these are the excuses we normally give ourselves for not having time for our career building aka LIFE PLANNING.

“Oh, I got too many homework and I do not have time for that” or “Never mind, I am still a freshman/sophomore/junior/first semester senior, let me just relax first.”


“I should be active in everything to have a balanced lifestyle. I have no time for that. I need to study for exam. I need to organize the next event. I need to play video games (DOTA 2, LOL, etc) ”


“I need to spend my time with my girlfriend/boyfriend so I have got no time to get myself hired.”


“I need to earn extra money to get by.”

Yes! Yes! We all know that it is very tough to balance your lifestyle, get your homework done, study for test, get enough sleep, exercise, nurture yourself with hobbies, etc. But, guess what, my friend? Most of you are only in your twenties without any family obligation. What would happen if your were to be in your thirties and fourties if you are already complaining that you do not have time to build your career/life?


The second is my favorite and it is the most venomous posion of all – the “GUESS-ology” or “Agak-agak Philosophy”.

During our daily life, we often listen to all the negativities from our friends, family members, professors, and career officers on how hard it is to get a job here as an international student or even back in Malaysia. Slowly but surely, our mind accept those negativities subconsciously. In consequence, before we actually go out there and take action, we have already raised the flag. And eventually, we end up feeling frustrated on accepting a less desired option that we do not really want. Before you let yourself go down to that route, review your thoughts about career building first before making any decisions. Are your opinions based on facts or just “unidentified” gossips? Have you really done any research on ALL of your career option? Hold your thoughts again and let it sink into your system.

Well! Well! If you are still following this until this far, now you probably realized that it is time for you to stop listening to all the things that are based on “Guess-ology” or “Agak-agak Philosophy”.


Now, let us get on to the solutions for the two diseases most of us have, including myself.

Alright, now, please ask yourself whether you have done your best in spending at least AN HOUR A DAY in doing research, sending out resumes, making phone calls to recruiters, or any action that will put you one step forward into getting hired or getting funded or getting your business started?

If the answer is “NO”, you have got lots of work to do. But, do not overwhelm yourself with too many things. It takes time and effort to build up your momentum and your focus. Perhaps, you can start with talking with an actual person who represents “who you want to be” when you graduate. What I mean by that is that, if you want to be an aerospace engineer from NASA, go and get in contact with an aerospace engineer from NASA to get consultation. Oh!? How to get in touch with them? It is hard to get connected with them. Alright, it is hard and we all know that, but have you tried? Remember, the old cliche “there is a will, there is a way” still works.

And to solve our first disease, it is simply unbelievable that any of us would not have at least, on an average of AN HOUR A DAY, SEVEN HOURS A WEEK, 365 HOURS A YEAR to work on building your career or life planning. There is a lot can be done with that extra 365 hours that you make time for designing your own life. Unless, you just want your life to get by with the tide of the majority world population and do whatever that life presents you. If you want to start an authentic life that is true to yourself and your heart, TAKE ACTION NOW!

Just as the old English politician and playwright, Edward Bulwer Lytton, had quoted, “To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which say; Leave no stone unturned.”


If your answer is “YES”, we would love to have your contact information. We are always looking for extraordinary student who takes ACTIONS to build his or her career path or life. You never know whether we could use your talent or not. So, please send us your resume to admin@malaysianstudent.com now! 😀

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