Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards 2017

Image Credit: Putrajaya Perdana Berhad

The education of our youth is of utmost importance in creating a generation of responsible individuals that contribute to the development of our nation.

This sentiment was out in full force today at the Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards 2017 ceremony, where a total of RM202,500.00 worth of scholarships were awarded to 24 deserving but financially challenged students.

The annual Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards is a part of Putrajaya Perdana Berhad’s (PPB) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, in which education is a key focus area. Currently, in its 12 years, the Scholarship Awards has thus far sponsored 105 students with a total scholarship funding of more than RM1.5 million to date.

On top of providing for their education, PPB also provides the students with the opportunity to get a foothold in the workforce. Upon completion of their respective courses, the students are given the opportunity for immediate placement as an employee of PPB or any of its subsidiaries.


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The students, who come from all across Peninsular Malaysia, are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in various construction-related disciplines. This includes civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as quantity surveying and more. Of the 24 students, eight are new scholars while the remaining 16 are ongoing scholars.

PPB considers their role as a corporate citizen of the utmost importance. “PPB is passionate and committed to helping deserving but financially challenged students gain a proper education and the necessary skills that will help improve their employability levels,” he said.

When we want to plan for the future, there is no better place to start than focusing on the education of our youth. We must refocus on the idea that the youth are the center of our community and it is our obligation to help them develop and contribute to the nation,” he added.

Nur Syafrina Binti Rosli, one of the scholarship recipients, said “I am honored to be one be chosen for the Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards 2017. Growing up in a less privileged family and facing financial and academic challenges, has made me realize the value of an education and I am very grateful to PPB for this opportunity.”

Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me and my family as I continue to pursue my education. I look forward to completing my studies and starting my journey into the workforce,” said Chan Yong Yeah, another one of the scholarship recipients.

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Held at PPB’s office, the annual Scholarship Awards ceremony saw the scholars mingle with the staff before receiving their awards. There were also testimonials from previous scholars who have now graduated and are building their career with PPB.

Besides the PPB Annual Scholarship Awards, in line with its efforts to assist with the education of those less fortunate, PPB has sponsored RM30,000.00 to iSINA Global Media, a study center that helps financially challenged families in orang asli villages and poor settlements by educating their children to read and write.

PPB also contributed RM25,000.00 to assist the underprivileged children of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur through the ‘Rotary Kasih’ project, which helped in terms of food aid, education and motivational programmes to achieve better academic results and success in the future.

Image Credit: Putrajaya Perdana Berhad


Image Credit: Putrajaya Perdana Berhad



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