Reasons to Move to the City


It used to be that everyone wanted to get away from all the pollution and commotion of the cities and move to the suburbs. However, these days, suburbs and rural areas are no longer the ideal place to live.

With gas prices rising and jobs moving overseas, there just isn’t enough opportunity in rural areas anymore. In order to compete and to get ahead in today’s economy many people are opting to move back to the city. There are many benefits to living in the city:



1. Use less gas.

With gas prices at an all-time high, and only rising, it’s too expensive to drive long distances. In the city, everything is in close proximity so trips to the supermarket or to the mall are shorter. And shorter distances mean you use less gas. Also, cities generally have excellent transportation systems which will cut down on your driving and decrease the amount of gas you have to use even more.


2. Many job opportunities.

Since everything is concentrated in cities, there are numerous jobs available in all industries and fields. Since there are so many people living in cities companies are always hiring. Or, new companies are moving in to meet the demand of a large population. Whereas in rural areas there are only a limited number of industries to choose from, in the city you can find a job in pretty much whatever industry you want to work in.



3. More choices.

If you like variety, you’ll find lots of it in the city. You’ll find every type of restaurant imaginable and then some. If you like Indian food, you’ll be sure to find about five within walking distances. Prefer something Italian, no problem.

If you’re looking for a unique item, or something imported, you’ll be sure to find in the city. Don’t like the service at a particular store? You can go down the street to the competition.


4. Lots of people.

If you’re looking to meet people, the city is the place to do it. If you want to join a club or meet people with similar interests, you’re sure to find something you enjoy in the city. No matter what your interests are you’ll be sure to find someone with similar interests as you. Most likely there’s a club or group already doing whatever it is you like. It’s as easy as jumping on the internet and finding out where and when they meet.

5. More social services.

Since there are more people, cities tend to have more services for the people. Libraries are bigger and better stocked, there are more parks and recreation facilities, the hospitals are bigger and all the new technology goes to the cities first.



6. More choices for schools.

No matter what grade-level they’re in, if you have children, you have more options for schooling in the city. You no longer have to rely on the one public school in your town for your children’s education. Cities offer several types of vocational, charter and private schools.

If you’re an adult looking to return to school to further your education, there’s sure to be several programs in the city. Interested in studying massage? There’s a school right down the street. Want to learn how to use a computer better? Most municipalities offer adult continuing education. There’s no lack of educational services in large cities.

No matter what your situation is or why you’re thinking of moving to the city, you’re sure to find something there for you.

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Lorne MacInnes is a managing partner of Ferguson Moving & Storage, one of the oldest Vancouver moving companies, and an industry expert in the moving and relocation sector in North America.

Author: Editor

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