Recalled My SPM Exam Old Memories of Rescuing Mandarin Language…?

RescueMandarin submission to SinChewDaily by SiennyLovesDrawing1

Recently read from Sin Chew Daily that a lot of our Malaysian Chinese students nowadays refuse to take up Mandarin (Chinese) as one of their subjects for examination. This trend observes for our Malaysian UPSR, SPM exams etc.


To most of our Malaysian students, Mandarin is a difficult language (subject) to score well in the exam as published in the news. This is so sad and in fact not a very healthy trend too. Mandarin is supposed to be the mother tongue (first language) for most of the Malaysian Chinese.

What is your 1st langue/ mother tongue?

A language is different from a dialect where most of the people often mix up both.

In Malaysia, with its multi-racial population, the common languages are Bahasa Malaysia (our national language), English, Mandarin, Tamil & etc. While the commonly use dialects will be Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Teo Chew, Fu Zhou etc.

Then, I decided to submit my participation to the “Rescue Mandarin 抢救华文” activity organised by Sin Chew Daily. This activity is to encourag3 all the SPM students to take up Mandarin as their exam subject. It will be just a small effort/ contribution with my own Mandarin learning journey and experiences. And hopefully with my personal sharing, I am able to, at least, convince some of our Malaysian students especially the Malaysian Chinese to take up the Mandarin as a subject for their exam ?

Hmm… Recalled on my own SPM exam old memories, would like to encourage all the students to start to read the Mandarin newspaper every day as a way to improve their Mandarin level for their exam preparation ?

I actually learnt up my Mandarin through reading the daily Mandarin newspaper. After reading, I will check the dictionary for the pronunciation and meaning of a Chinese character, and then be brave to interact in Mandarin with people around.

Writing in Mandarin is never easy because most of the Chinese characters are with lots of different strokes, or complicated strokes at times. In particular, my Chinese calligraphy is really bad when I was young (primary school). Progressively through practise and more practises, my calligraphy is improved.

Sharing some of my Chinese calligraphy done for the 2015 sheep year.

Caligraphy done by SiennyLovesDrawing for 2015 sheep year1 Caligraphy done by SiennyLovesDrawing for 2015 sheep year2
Caligraphy done by SiennyLovesDrawing for 2015 sheep year3Caligraphy done by SiennyLovesDrawing for 2015 sheep year4 Caligraphy done by SiennyLovesDrawing for 2015 sheep year5

Frankly speaking, to me, no doubt Mandarin is really a difficult subject to excel. When I was an SPM student, I also struggled at that point in time whether to take up Mandarin as one of the subjects for my SPM exam?

However, I am proud of my decision to take up Mandarin, and I have passed my Mandarin paper in SPM successfully ?

Because of my Mandarin education background, I was assigned as an expatriate to my company’s Vietnam Branch to manage the inward investors from China and Taiwan. I am grateful that I have learnt & grown a lot from this precious secondment opportunity ✈️??

During my secondment days in Vietnam, I don’t really missed nasi lemak & teh tarik. Instead, I missed the most was the smell of ink newspapers as I used to flipping and reading the Mandarin newspapers every morning. And then to wash my black black fingers after my morning habit of reading the newspapers. During my Vietnam secondment days, I can only read the online news from, I missed the smell and flipping ink newspapers ?

Would like to specially address to those Malaysian Chinese students, never giving up in your Mandarin learning! Yes, it is hard, but as a Malaysian Chinese, we need to learn our mother tongue! Gambateh! ☺?

To other races, never ever giving up in learning your mother tongue too!

Other than our mother tongue, in fact, it would be great if we are able to speak multiple languages.

Just as the famous Malaysian television and radio host named Baki Zainal, he is a Malay who able to speak Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin fluently. Baki hosts a lot of tv and radio programmes/ events, especially in Mandarin. Baki shared in an interview with The Star in Dec 2015 (refer his interview video clip via the link below) that we will gain lots of benefits/ opportunities when we are able to communicate in different languages/ dialects.

Sharing my submission to the Sin Chew Daily (written in Mandarin/ Chinese) as below.

Am unsure when it will be published. If you happen to read my submission in the Sin Chew Daily, welcome to alert/ share with me here ya ?

Also posted it in my Instagram
RescueMandarin submission to SinChewDaily by SiennyLovesDrawing2

[Here’s a Mandarin translation of some of the paragraphs in this article].

抢救华文, 从每天你我都翻读华文报纸开始!


在越南的日子,我不是最想念nasi lemak & teh tarik 。我最怀念是每天翻读星洲日报时闻到墨汁报纸味和读后手黑黑的习惯。因在越南我只能在 读报纸。。。


Welcome to share your thought about your own mother tongue learning in the comment column below ?

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