Remember That The Journey of A Thousand Kilometres Begins with A Single Step

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I can vividly remember the first sentence I ever wrote in my very first essay for my college! It seems like a long time ago (it was only 5 years ago). It wasn’t the regular essay where you can just simply quote stuff from 3 – 5 textbooks and online references then you will be done with it. It was an essay where you can only deal with a single chapter or even a line from Odyssey by Homer and you can only explain it by using Homer’s language. I know I sound Greek to you right now. (And, I am; for those who do not know yet, Homer is an ancient Greek poet). Yet had I not written that first sentence, I wouldn’t have finished that first essay, or the second, and so on. And it goes. Every journey, however long it may be, begins with a single step. But you must take that first step. Once you do, each step takes you closer and closer to your goal. Right now, I have just recently resumed my project of writing my first book. It’s something that I started two years ago and never finished. Yet, I am glad at least I started it so I have something to continue with.

Sometimes, when you consider taking on a new venture – whether it’s committing to a disciplined study schedule to prepare for your PMR/SPM/STPM, competing in a sports event, choosing your after SPM/STPM route, writing a book, starting a new business, beginning a transformational fitness plan, getting hiring at your dream job, or anything else – the task can seem overwhelming. It’s as though you’ll never be able to arrive at your final destination, as if the first step isn’t going to help. When you look too far out toward the horizon it can seem too difficult. You might even wonder where to begin.

The trick to success sounds very simplistic, because it is very simple: Just begin. Take a single step, followed by another, and then another. Don’t look too far out into the future, and don’t look too far back either. Stay cleared in the present moment as best you can. If you follow this simple plan, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish over time.



When I graduated from my education with the Great Books Program, I didn’t attend the graduation ceremony nor the senior class dinner. I was doing my fourth summer of sales, management, and leadership internship in the deep south of United States around the north region of South Carolina. A little after the graduation, I called up a couple of my friends back in college to “attend” the party vicariously. To my surprise, when my name was called, I got one of the 6 longest standing ovation out of 60 graduating seniors. And, at the senior class dinner, my dearest tutor (equivalent to professor at regular colleges/universities), Mr. Michael Rawn gave a toast to the senior class by reading out loud a few letters of reference that he has given. It was a funny letter (which I shall share with you soon). The letter recounted all of my personalities, interests, and growth that I have had experienced during my 4 years of studying in a unconventional college like St. John’s. Now that I am reliving the moments, as much as I took out quite a bit of student loans to pay of my education, it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself. And I remember a little quote that my friend had wrote me in my copy of Don Quixote by Don Miguel Cervantes – a seventy-four long chapters of material (this quote is rephrased just by memory, I couldn’t find my book): “Becoming educated doesn’t happen overnight! Education is a lifelong process that happens in short intervals. If you were to read only nine pages a day, for the next 100 days, you would be one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on the work of Miguel de Cervantes and you will get through every page!” Despite not being a huge fan of the book (I prefer the musical theatre version of it better because I acted as the barber in a musical theatre production), I have always appreciated my friend’s message.


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Over and over again I hear peple telling me about the education they are getting going to college, the book they are going to write, the business they are going to start, the saving accounts theyare about to open, or the project they are planning to finish. But, in so many instances, these plans and dreams keep getting put off until “the conditions are right.” One of the most powerful messages I can share with you,one that I’m absolutely certain of, is this: In almist all cases, the conditions you are waiting for will not be significantly different next week, next month, or next year. Don’t worry that the conditions have to be perfect. The truth is, you are still going to have to take that first step! If you take it now, instead of later, you’ll be many steps closer to your dreams by this time next year.

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step in the completion of [insert any of your project that you desire to start] !

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