10 Malaysian Guys With Superman Physique

Do you work out regularly?

If you do, great, keep up the good work.

But, if you don’t, you probably still secretly prefer to have an amazing and attractive physique that turn heads around as you have walked in.

Check out these amazing Malaysian male who have worked hard to perfect the aesthetic of their body.

Use them as your inspiration to hit the gym today !!!

1. Syakir Jamil



2. Joash Choo



3. Hafiz Sukzeri


Sakit bukan penghalang untuk berjaya 💪🏻

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4. Jai Ibrahim


5. Iqbal Arif Bin Mustapha aka Ayep Mustapha


Last post till mid September! Well had 10g carbs yesterday. Had 60g carbs the day before that. Today so far i did 40g. Aiming for another 15g to be a total of 55g. Tomorrow shooting for 80g slightly higher as im planning to hit back! Then we gonna carb load in 2 days for leg day! If you feel flat, don’t worry. If you look hard all the time it would probably be because of Trenbolone. LOL. Okay peeps time for me to stay off from social media for a while. Regroup everything, getting new ideas for future business purposes. Keep grindin aite?! Hope you guys have learn a thing or 2 from me. Happy weekends and God bless you all! #manphysique #physique #aesthetic #aesthetics #gains #bulk #chest #arms #grow #strong #as #fork #happy #yay #iftar #food #nutrition #macros #diet #postworkout #lets #get #to #work #ootd #late #night #gathering

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6. Dannydxniel


Another 1 week left. Just pray for the best💪💪

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7. Chun Hooi CH


8. Tong Juns


Come back stronger

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9. Rong Jing

No caption needed 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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10. Lee Kar Hoe

The legendary Zyzz pose . Let’s do more shooting after my cut . 📷 : @fotobyali

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Most of them above were not born with a superman-like physique. This list doesn’t reflect any competitive ranking standards.

They have to commit themselves to work hard consistently in the gym and eat right.

Rome wasn’t built in one day; amazing body cannot be sculptured in one rep.


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