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Most of us hate ads.

Especially when you watch TV.

But, when it comes to CNY ads, they are always a few of those ads you can never get enough of.

Some may make you laugh, some may bring you down your memory lane, cry, and miss home, some may make you think about your loved ones, but some were just silly and hilarious.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone ~!!

For those who are far from home, either you are just a few hours or thousands of kilometers away and you can’t come home to have a family dinner, call your parents,  your loved ones now and tell them you love them.

Do it while you still can.


1. Rubber Boy by Petronas

Who doesn’t get a little sobbing moment after watching CNY ads from Petronas?
Remember the sacrifices your parents have made for you for you to go to school/college/university to get the best education you can so that you will have a better quality life in your future.
Do not ever take them for granted.


2. Go Home and Dine – Jasper Care & Tastefully

In the last 365 days, how many of those days did go home and dine with your family.

365 days in a year, you can be absent every day except during family time.

Surprise them now and dine with your parents and your siblings today. They are important in your life, make them feel important too.



3. ” No Matter How Far Mom is From Me” – By Tencent QQ

Distance doesn’t break any relationship as long as you have the heart for it. Sometimes, it takes distance to bring a family together. Use technology to bring any relationship closer 🙂



4. Bring Girlfriend Home – By StarHub

Okay, we don’t want you to empty up your tissue box. Here’s one that is a little silly and ridiculous but still encourages us to visit home more often.



5. BoBoiBoy Movie CNY Promo

This is rather creative comparing to the usual CNY commercials. It’s one of the first 3D cartoon that is wishing us Happy Chinese New Year. What we like about it is that it’s very Malaysian. Enjoy and remember to catch this Buatan Malaysia 3D anime at the movie theater. For any who are going to get your SPM results on 3 March, this is a good one to watch together with your friends. 🙂



6. I’m Sorry Mummy – By Lion Club, Virtigo Studio, & Adini Production

Ain’t this conversation familiar?
We have probably had this conversation before with our parents but we took things for granted.
It’s great to have all the instantaneous gratification with your friends but at the least, be responsible of your actions before it is too late to rewind your story of your life.



7. Pengacau Raya Cina – by Bank Simpanan National

This is one of the best short CNY commercials that not only promotes the good relationship between in – laws but also interracial marriages. Despite our differences in culture, it is possible for One Malaysia to be a reality.

Thanks to the contrast in personality between the father-in-laws, this is fun one to watch.




8. When Modern Meets the Traditional – By Setia

“We are always arguing, but we know it is not about who is right or wrong, what is old or new. When it comes to who we are, there’s never one without the other.”




9. 7 Things Not Do in Chinese New Year – by Dan Khoo Production

This is not a CNY commercial but we thought it would be entertaining to have a little Dan Khoo advice for you so that you can get ready before you embarrass yourself when you go visit your friends and family for Chinese New Year.



10. Prepare for a Legendary CNY – By IKEA

This is by far the shortest and the most eye catchy one. No one can resist watching another ad that is kung fu based. Don’t try this at home, kids ~! 😛


11. Reunion – By Viddsee.com

This is a very heart-warming clip that shows the trust between an employer and an employee.

Chinese New Year is not a festive season only for a family but the moment to gather all of your friends and coworkers too.



12. Letting Go Of The Past Can Bring An Unexpected Surprise – Mudah.my

Many of you probably have already seen this. This is a great ad promoting our fast-growing eCommerce business ecosystem in Malaysia by reuniting two old childhood friends together.


Like our top picks of CNY ads?


Let us know what you think by sharing your comments below.

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