[US UniSeries] Top 10 US Colleges With The Hottest Girls

Being hot isn’t everything. But it sure doesn’t hurt to add a little extra scenery to your college experience. Your campus is beautiful but part of its beauty is its student body. A healthy lifestyle, unwavering school spirit and brains landed these girls a spot on our list. These dedicated students know how to succeed, have fun and look good every step of the way.


Before “I’m Shmacked,” there was a different documentarian capturing the lives of wild, scantily clad women. His name was Joe Francis—the creator of “Girls Gone Wild.” Joe turned his BA into a $150 million dollar franchise after graduation and we’re sure the beautiful girls at University of Southern California had something to do with it. The Trojan Song Girls are among the hottest in the country and only seek candidates who, in addition to being a good dancer, meet certain height and weight requirements.“They would probably be considered the most top tier ‘hot girls’ at USC,” junior Deborah Abber said. All of the tan, tone and fit SoCal girls definitely make for a competitive tryout.



University of California Los Angeles attracts entertainment hopefuls—hot models, beautiful actresses, and fashion addicts. Take a class at the John Wooden Recreation Center or if you’ve already had an intense workout today, then treat yourself to a massage or acupuncture instead (only in LA). Check out the Marina Aquatic Center where you can take classes in sailing or surfing with bikini-clad classmates or just watch the beautiful UCLA cheerleaders do their thing. “They have a lot of perks, but at the same time have to keep up a certain appearance. Their hair has to be a certain length, always in makeup and mandatory tans,” junior Ava Abuchaei said.


At Howard University, you can always find beautiful women on the Yard. With 13 different beauty queens and a Miss USA, Howard represents some of the brightest and most beautiful women in the country. “I love how women here embrace their culture and natural beauty,” freshman Mary Morris said. “To see black women wearing kente, dashikis, tribal patterns and natural hair is so powerful.” Between the cheerleaders, dancing Ooh La La’s and the Bisonettes, Howard has some show stopping beauty.


The Louisiana Tigers are more than just a pretty face. LSU has a killer cheer squad that placed in the top 10 at the national championship this year. “Girls are always running around our lakes, participating in 5ks and other sporting events and overall pretty good at finding a balance between partying and staying healthy,” junior Suzanne Nibley said. Expansion and redesign of the university’s rec center will make it state-of-the-art and probably lead to even more attractive applicants to continue LSU’s winning streak.


Oregon might not get as much sunshine as UCLA, but the girls aren’t dreary. Check out the OSU cheerleading “Chainsaw” video, it’ll leave you screaming, “Go Beavers!” If you’re still not a fan, order a Women of OSU calendar where you can ogle over beautiful women and fight cancer, too. Notable alumnae include two former playmates of the year, Jodi Paterson and Sara Underwood.


People come to California for beautiful weather and beautiful women—at University of California Santa Barbara you’ll find both. Located on 1,100 acres of California coast, the campus overlooks the ocean and has its own lagoon. “USCB has an effortless beauty and attractiveness. Everyone is always so friendly, outdoorsy, smart, beachy, and laid-back,” junior Sammy Thordarson said. If the sunny days and walking paths don’t inspire you to get off Netflix and work on your fitness then opt for an adventure program like kayaking at Santa Cruz Island. “Its extremely common to see girls go to class in their workout clothes, or a bikini with a lose beach shirt and shorts on over it, hair still wet from the ocean,” Thordarson said. UCSB has a strong bike culture with a student-run bike shop right on campus, so there’s no excuse not to explore the coastline and meet a few beautiful UCSB girls along the way.



Arizona, need we say more? Hellishly hot weather, spirited girls and The University of Arizona’s sports teams combine to create a year-long party environment. “UA girls can be hot while still being fully clothed, they have beauty and brains,” junior Namrata Singh said. Outdoor festivals and year-round pool parties allow girls to blow off steam and flaunt their bikini bodies. The girls here are so spirited that UA may be the only bid day that needs police reinforcement, due to what has become known as a running of the bulls when girls run to their respective sorority houses after getting bids. Watch out or you may get trampled by hundreds of sexy pledges.


Florida State University boasts the current Miss Florida, Victoria Cowen. Their all-girls cheer squad killed it at nationals and the dance team is equally as talented. The girls outnumber the guys at FSU, which can make for a competitive night out. “There are girls from all over Florida so you get the southern blondes to the Miami Spanish girls and everything in between. When it’s time to party, little clothing as possible seems to be the rule,” junior Josh Rainey said.


Most of us know a girl, or five, from high school that goes to ASU and every time we see them on our Facebook minified they’re in a pool with a red cup. Does ASU actually offer classes? Do these girls only take them at night so they can run around in bikinis all day? There are 300 days of sunshine in Phoenix and a standard winter day is about 70 degrees. When it’s that hot year long, why wear anything at all? Current student Shanice Jordyn was chosen as April’s playmate of the month while Playboy‘s October 2013 college issue featured 14 ASU women. The beautiful Sun Devils also won ASU a stop on the Victoria’s Secret tour. The talent of the Sun Devil’s dance team proves that ASU girls have the skills to back up their beauty. “What sets them apart from the rest is their approachability and willingness to meet new people, I don’t see that as much at other schools. The fact that they’re wearing bikinis all year doesn’t hurt either,” senior Alex Eimiller said.

east carolina

Southern belles are a rare breed, but at East Carolina University the majority of the undergraduate students are from the Carolinas. ECU boasts beautiful graduates such as Kristen Dalton, a Miss USA and The Bachelor’s Jessica Bowlin. With an even larger female-male ratio than the University of South Florida, the guys at ECU are happily outnumbered.
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