Why did Malaysia decide to send its troops to help Palestine?

Written by Lisa Griffin

Since Trump’s triumphant ascension to power, intriguing phenomena are following each other in quick succession. Malaysia’s unexpected decision to send military troops to Palestine is one of them. Trump’s decree that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital has attracted sharp reactions; demonstrations and Islamic states considering the US policy as an insult directed at them.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo didn’t miss the occasion by vehemently condemning the move; is Malaysia justified to send troops? He considers the US move a blatant violation of UN resolutions. The secret behind her decision to send troops are revealed below, enjoy your reading.

White Washing war crimes

Malaysian defense minister categorically stated his military’s preparedness to respond to their commander in chief’s order to send armed forces to Palestine, should such orders be made. He said that Trump slapped the Muslim world in the face.

For many years, Jerusalem conflict has been the cause of Israel-Palestine war. Malaysia is on record in supporting Palestine’s freedom and sovereignty for a while now. While Palestine is claiming East Jerusalem as their capital, Israel rejects a move to divide a city occupied by her citizens.

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During the 1967 war, Israel conquered and had been occupying east Jerusalem, but no head of state in the whole world has ever recognized it, except the daring Trump. The US top tyrant boldly announced a plan to relocate the US embassy from Aviv to Jerusalem, let’s wait to see a viability this decision.

Najib Razak, who has been Malaysian Prime Minister since 2009, led thousands of Muslims on Friday to reject the US controversial policy. 120 countries have since voted for UN advisory to the US to drop the policy, but Trump has warned states of losing financial aid due to their opposition to his policy. Millions of people across the world believe that American move will fuel war as occasioned by Malaysia’s willingness to send armed forces to help Palestine.

While we wait to see whether or not troops will be sent, we believe that intrigues surrounding Israel-Palestine war will not lead the world into chaos in an attempt to help allied nations. Trump’s recognition for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has widened a gap between US and Muslim nations; no nation has ever attempted to construct an embassy or a consulate in Jerusalem. “This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.” He said.

Photo of the Day: September 13, 2017

Jerusalem Embassy Act became law in 1995, but successful heads of states made no attempt to implement it citing its potential to trigger war and deaths. Is Trump the most courageous president or leastwise in this famous Jerusalem decision?

His administration insists that it’s committed to ыhelping revive former 2014 collapsed talks to help solve this crisis. While America has not taken a stand on Jerusalem city’s borders, it believes that it should remain the capital of Israel if any serious solution is to be found.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized people who condemn the historical American declaration while ignoring attacks on Israel following Trump’s remarks.

This war has taken center stage for many years, and many lives have been lost in due course. We long for a day when global leaders will conduct a constructive meeting to amicably solve this conflict. We are confident that ongoing talks will yield peace, love, and tranquility between Israel and Palestine.


While Malaysia and Muslim nations have good intentions to keep, the peace, proper consultations should be done between opposing sides before an action is taken especially one that doesn’t respect the sanctity of life.

Peace shall prevail!


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