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Why should you become a contributor?

Here are a few reasons why you should become a contributor and share your voice with the MalaysianStudent.com community. Are you concern that your writing is not good enough? Don’t worry, MalaysianStudent.com is also a platform for new writers to grow. You are more than welcome to contribute your draft.

You do not have to be the best writer to become a contributor of MalaysianStudent.com. We have a lovely editorial team who are dedicated to helping you grow as a content creator.

1. You will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

MalaysianStudent.com community is dedicated to delivering Malaysian students informative, resourceful, and inspirational content on everything from SPM/STPM tips, study & life hacks, fitness guides, stories, and products recommendations.

Your work will contribute to fulfilling that commitment.

Our readers are excited to learn how they can achieve more, contribute more and maximize their full potential, regardless of where they are currently located in the world.

2. Readers from all over the world will be exposed to your work.

Once your article/blog post has been approved, we will make sure it gets distributed to our readers.

As a contributor of MalaysianStudent.com, your work will be posted on our Homepage, which receives over thousands of quality unique visitors per month, your work will also be posted on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and will also be visible in our articles archives.

3. Personal and Professional Growth

Many of our writers have been able to leverage their exposure on MalaysianStudent.com to land other gigs or opportunities, such as more guest authoring, speaking engagements, and overall enhanced creditability in their field.

This serves as a great platform for the world to know your name; for your work to be noticed.

4. You’re the boss and you create your own schedule.

As a contributor of MalaysianStudent.com, you can contribute at the pace you choose. The only deadlines are the ones you create for yourself, and we encourage that!

We are also looking for writers who want to work with us long term and will want to grow with the site.

We need writers who can consistently provide a minimum quota of quality articles a month. If you qualify as a featured contributor for MalaysianStudent.com, you will have your own profile page that links to all of your published content.

Be mindful that we are only interested in adding value to our readers and our community, so if you aren’t sure if your ideas will fit, please take a look around the blog and see what else has been posted.

We are looking for ideas that discuss educational tips, study advice, personal and professional growth, success stories, motivation, inspiration, and contribution.


Here is a list of titles examples that we are interested in:


  • 10 Tips to Prepare Your Resume That Guarantees Your Job Interview Appointment
  • 5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your First Checking & Savings Account
  • Comprehensive Guide to KL Public Transportation
  • Comprehensive Guide To Student Loan
  • Is Studying Overseas Really For You?
  • Why Should We Stop “Judging” Each Other Based On How We Pray?
  • Top 10 Weird Malaysian Slangs
  • What is Holding Us Back Being Mediocre?
  • Why Getting Straight A’s in SPM/STPM is Overrated?
  • Jalan-Jalan, Cari Makan (KL Edition/Penang Edition/Johor Bharu Edition)


The recommended length is 800 to 1,200 words.

If you are making any scientific claims, make sure to cite your sources. Please use sources with high authority.


Headline Writing 101: How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

Example Posts of our format:

Top 5 Movies That Attracted Malaysian Students to Study in the USA

8 No-BS Habits That Will Change Your Life

Ask Yourself Why

Decide Your Pain To Make Your Gain

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