5 Funniest BERSIH 4.0 Videos

Here are the 5 FUNNIEST BERSIH 4.0 VIDEOS that are specially voted by the MalaysianStudent.com Editorial Team.


While you are hanging out with your fellow “cleaning” friends, w
hether you are in KL, KK, Penang or other major cities around the world, entertain yourself with these 5 videos! ~

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1. Namewee’s Merdeka Shuffle 4.0

2. Merdeka Shuffle 4.0 Dance Parody aka Bersih 4.0 Theme Song


4. Anti-Bersih protesters PERFORMANCE

5. Namewee’s Anti-Bersih 4.0 Parody

Be safe! Have fun! Make friends and stay united!

Our editorial team at MS.com hope BERSIH 4.0 a great success.
Hopefully that Malaysia will have cleaner goverment in near future!!!

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